How do I set up and verify my IR cable connections?

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This article describes how to set up and verify IR cable connections on a single cable or satellite box.

If you have a Digital Transport Adapter (DTA), go to How do I set up my Series2 DVR with a Digital Transport Adapter?

If you connected a cable box and a satellite box to the same DVR, see How Do I Verify Cable and Satellite Box IR Cable Connections?

The IR control cable, which has two emitters (also called "IR blasters") at one end, is used to send signals from the TiVo DVR to your cable or satellite box or digital adapter (DTA). These signals allow the TiVo DVR to change the channels on any of these set top boxes.

To set up the IR cable connection or to verify the connection and settings during Guided Setup:

1. Make sure the IR cable is connected to the IR port on the back of your TiVo DVR.

2. Make sure the emitters at the other end of the cable are positioned so that the IR signal can reach the IR sensor on your set top box (see illustration below). Usually, the optimum position is reached when the end of the emitter extends about 1 1/2" from the front of the set top box. You may need to experiment until you find the best location. The IR sensor on the box is a cone-shaped area that is usually behind a dark plastic panel. Use a flashlight to locate it if you are not sure where it is located on your set top box.

For information on how to build an IR Tent, go to Building an IR Tent.


If you have verified that the IR cables are connected correctly, but are still having trouble changing channels, see How Do I Change Channels Using IR Control?

This information is only for TiVo-manufactured DVRs. If you need further help, please contact your manufacturer.


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