How does IR channel changing work?

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IR (infrared) is a spectrum of invisible light that remote controls and the TiVo IR control cables use to communicate. They are only able to communicate in one direction. The TiVo remote can communicate with your TV and stereo, as well as the TiVo DVR. The TiVo DVR uses the IR control cable to communicate with your cable or satellite box.

Since IR is a spectrum of light, the TiVo remote and IR cable must have an unobstructed path and it is susceptible to interference from dust, other lights, and improper alignment of the IR emitters. When you are changing channels on the TiVo DVR, the TiVo remote transmits to the DVR and then the DVR transmits to the cable box. Because of this, there can be a delay in channel changing.

NOTE: You can improve the accuracy of the IR signal by verifying your IR connections. For more information, go to How Do I Verify My IR Cable Connections?


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