Tuning Adapter Troubleshooting

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Cable providers are issuing Tuning Adapters to their CableCARD customers in locations where they have implemented switched digital video (SDV). While these adapters can be used with any CableCARD-ready device, including a TV, the vast majority are expected to be deployed for use with TiVo DVRs. TiVo has tested extensively with these adapters.

If you have trouble getting your channels through a tuning adapter connected to a Roamio Series DVR, check the adapter's firmware version:

From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Account & System Info > Tuning Adapter

Motorola: minimum firmware version MTR_PLAT01.40

Cisco/Scientific Atlanta: minimum firmware version STA1.0.0_1520_LR_F.1901

There is a known issue with certain Tuning Adapters that is triggered by specific channel map configurations. This issue becomes apparent when you connect the Tuning Adapter to a new or replacement TiVo DVR, which does not have an existing copy of a channel map stored on its hard disk. It can also happen on a TiVo DVR where the channel map copy is deleted from its hard disk by a Clear & Delete Everything command or by a software update that erases the copy. If you have this issue, contact your cable provider, or contact TiVo customer support, who can make your cable provider aware of the issue.

If you are having any other Tuning Adapter issues, make sure the Tuning Adapter has the correct connections to the TiVo DVR (click here for instructions). If the Tuning Adapter is properly connected, contact your cable provider for assistance in troubleshooting further.

NOTE: If a Tuning Adapter is connected, you can see its MMI diagnostic screens by going to Settings & Messages > Account & System Information > Tuning Adapter. Unfortunately, TiVo has no information on the diagnostics shown on these screens. If you are a cable customer, please contact your cable provider for troubleshooting assistance. If you are a cable provider, please contact the manufacturer of the Tuning Adapter if you need information about what these screens mean.



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