Can I view one channel and simultaneously record another with a Series2 or Series2 DT DVR?

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Satellite information

Satellite service is digital and requires a receiver to decode the signal so you cannot watch one channel and record another with just one satellite box, even using a Series2 DT (dual tuner) DVR.

NOTE: The DIRECTV with TiVo DVR has built-in dual-tuner satellite receivers, which allow it to record two shows at the same time.

Cable information

Series2 DT (Dual Tuner) DVR

The ability to watch one channel and record another is also a standard feature of the Series2 DT DVR. This DVR splits an analog cable signal internally to give you dual-tuning. Or you can split the signal and run one cable through a cable box to give you digital channels and run the other cable directly into the DVR to give you analog channels. With this setup, you can dual tune 2 analog channels or 1 digital and 1 analog channel. For more information see How do I set up my Dual Tuner DVR?

NOTE: Your TiVo Series2 Dual Tuner DVR can record only one digital and one analog or two analog channels at a time. If your cable provider has switched some channels from analog to digital, this may create a recording conflict if one or more of your Season Pass recordings are now being recorded digitally at the same time. For information on resolving recording conflicts, go to How do I resolve recording conflicts?

Series2 Single Tuner DVR

Depending on how your system is set up, you can do this with a stand-alone digital video recorder if your input source is antenna or cable. You use a simple, inexpensive device called a "signal splitter." The splitter has an input on one side, and two (or more) outputs on the other. For information on how to configure your TiVo DVR to record one channel while viewing another, go to Watch one channel, record another (w/cable box)or Watch one channel, record another (no cable box).

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