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If you have a TiVo Series2 or later DVR, you can create a recording request, including 1-Click recordings and Season Passes, online using Find TV Shows. After you select a program online that you would like to record, your DVR will schedule the recording the next time your DVR connects to the TiVo Service.

For instructions on how to schedule a recording online, go to How to schedule shows from the web.

For a closer look at the features of Find TV Shows, go to About Find TV Shows.

How do I select a DVR for the recordings I schedule online?

A dropdown menu of the DVRs on your account appears in the upper-right corner of your online scheduling display. Each DVR on your account is listed by name and picture. The default DVR in the dropdown menu is based on the DVR used to last schedule a recording. To change this, simply change the selection in the dropdown menu.

How long does it take before my DVR receives a new recording request?

  • If your DVR connects to the TiVo service using a broadband connection, the DVR will check for recording requests every hour. This means you can request a program an hour or more before it airs.
  • If your DVR connects to the TiVo service over a phone line, it may wait up to 36 hours between connections. You should only request programs that will not air for at least 36 hours.

Can I record a Pay Per View event with TiVo Online Scheduling?

Unfortunately, no. Because purchasing a Pay Per View event usually requires an additional phone call to your service provider, most Pay Per View channels are not displayed in TiVo Online Scheduling.

Privacy settings

Some features, such as the My Shows list, will appear in TiVo Online Scheduling only if you have opted-in to enable these features. For more information, please see Managing Opt-in/Opt-out settings (PTCMs, Emails, and Privacy).

I received an error message when I tried to login

TiVo Online Scheduling will recognize only the e-mail address you initially used when you activated your service or first signed up with

If you did not give us an e-mail address when you activated your DVR, or if your e-mail address has changed, you can add your e-mail address to your account. If you're a new customer and you have not yet activated your DVR, please activate or upgrade your TiVo Service.

"We cannot find a TV lineup for a TiVo DVR in your account" is displayed when I try to use Find TV Shows

The following message is displayed if the name of one or more of your TiVo DVRs contains special characters:

"We’re sorry, we cannot find a TV lineup for a TiVo DVR in your account. When you browse Find TV Shows section of we will display a generic East Coast TV lineup, but you won’t be able to record shows from the web."

Your DVR name may include spaces, numbers, and letters. Using any other characters might prevent Multi-Room Viewing, and will generate the message above. To resolve the issue, remove any special characters from your DVR name(s), wait 1 hour, and force a connection to the TiVo Service. For instructions, see How to Force a Connection to the TiVo Service

Known Issues

As usage of TiVo Online Scheduling grows, we may hear about problems and/or workarounds. We'll list them here and try to address them as quickly as possible. Here's what we're aware of today:

  • If your online My Shows list or To Do List is outdated, restart the DVR. The list should update within 24 hours.
  • Re-requested programs are ignored unless recording options changed. Let's say that you request a show at low priority, and then receive an e-mail confirmation that the show will not record because of conflicts with a previously requested show. If you return to TiVo Online Scheduling to re-request the show, be sure to change at least one recording option in order to ensure that your DVR recognizes the new request. Try requesting the show at high priority, or changing one of the other recording options.
  • You cannot cancel recordings from TiVo Online Scheduling, with one exception: If you schedule another recording, you can cancel any programs that conflict with 1-Click Record, 1-Click Season Pass or Record with Options.
  • If you are not opted-in and have dual lineups (satellite & cable, or cable & antenna) you will not be able to see both lineups in TiVo Online Scheduling; you will see only one. So, if you are browsing by channel, or if you use the search feature on TiVo Online Scheduling, you might notice missing channels or missing search results. To opt-in, please visit Managing Opt-in/Opt-out settings (PTCMs, Emails, and Privacy).
  • Multiple requests for News & Soap Operas within a 24 hour period. Certain news shows and soap operas that air every day (or multiple times per day) use the exact same (generic) program description for each airing of the show. As a result, TiVo Online Scheduling cannot distinguish one episode from another if they occur within a 24-hour period. Therefore, if you send multiple requests for the same news program or soap opera, your TiVo DVR will only consider the first request that airs within a 24-hour period. Instead, try getting a Season Pass™ and setting "Keep At Most" to limit the number of recordings in Now Playing. For example, to make sure you always have the latest edition of the nightly news in Now Playing, get a Season Pass™ to "NBC Nightly News" and use recording options to set "Keep At Most" = 1.
  • If customer is missing channels from their online Guide when searching Find TV shows on, have them confirm that the channel is checked in the Channel List on their TiVo DVR:

    If NO, instruct the customer to put a checkmark next to the channel, then connect to the TiVo Service.

    If YES, instruct the customer to un-check the channel(s), connect to the TiVo Service, then re-check the channel(s) and connect to the TiVo Service again.

    If all connections are successful have the customer wait 2-24 hours for the guides to update.

NOTE: If you click on a scheduling link in an e-mail that a friend sent you, or from a website online, you might receive an error if the channel that the program airs on is not in your channel lineup.

To submit comments regarding recent enhancements to TiVo Online Scheduling, or for questions or comments about TiVo Search (Beta), please contact us at or post feedback to

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