How to Pair the TiVo Slide Remote

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This article refers to a discontinued accessory that is no longer available.

For information about the current TiVo Slide Pro remote, click here

Your TiVo Slide remote comes paired to its USB receiver. This ensures that the remote controls only the TiVo box in which the receiver is installed. If you press a button on the remote and the activity indicator light flashes amber when the USB receiver is installed, the Slide remote is operating in IR mode and you will need to enable Bluetooth manually. When the Slide remote is in IR mode the QWERTY keyboard is not functional.

To pair your TiVo Slide remote with its USB receiver:

  1. Make sure the USB receiver is plugged into the USB port on the back of the TiVo DVR.

    NOTE: To use the optional USB extension cable, plug the male end of the cable into a USB port on the DVR, plug the USB receiver into the female end, then place the USB receiver near the front of the DVR.

  2. On the TiVo Slide remote, press and hold the TiVo button and the blue "B" button simultaneously. When the activity indicator light blinks blue, release the buttons.
  3. On the USB receiver, press and hold the button until the LED starts blinking.
  4. After a few seconds, the remote's activity light will blink rapidly 5 times and then go off if pairing is successful. If pairing is unsuccessful, repeat steps 2 and 3.

IMPORTANT: When you press and hold the TiVo + blue "B" buttons, the TiVo Slide remote control becomes discoverable. In this mode, the remote will automatically pair to its USB receiver if the receiver is also in pairing mode. The TiVo Slide remote or its USB receiver may also be discoverable by other Bluetooth devices; however, the remote and its receiver are supported ONLY for use with TiVo Series3 and Premiere series DVRs, and with each other. If you try to pair the remote to an unsupported device, you will need to pair it with its USB receiver again before you can use it with your TiVo DVR.


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