USB hub support on TiVo boxes

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TiVo Series3 and Premiere series DVRs support the following USB devices:

  • Tuning Adapter for Switched Digital Video
  • TiVo Wireless G adapter for wireless broadband connection to the TiVo service
  • TiVo Phone adapter for phone connection to the TiVo service (Premiere and Premiere XL DVRs only)
  • TiVo Slide remote Bluetooth receiver

These DVRs have 2 USB ports. To install additional USB devices, you will need a USB hub with an independent A/C power source. (The power from the USB bus alone is not strong enough to operate these devices reliably.)

Premiere series compatible hubs

While most 1.0 or 2.0 USB hubs will work with Premiere series DVRs, the following USB hub models have been tested with the DVRs.

Manufacturer Model
Belkin FSU234v1
iConnect 1806
DLink DUB-H4
Macally TRIHUB4 USB 2.0

TiVo Series3 compatible hub

The following is the ONLY USB hub supported for use with Series3 DVRs.

Manufacturer Model
BELKIN F5U021vSN USB 1.1 4-Port Hub

IMPORTANT: For consistent wireless connection and better network performance on these DVRs, make sure you plug a TiVo Wireless G adapter into the USB port on the TiVo DVR, NOT into a port on the hub.

Series2/Series2 DT

Series2 and Series2 DT DVRs do not support USB hubs. Since the TiVo Wireless G adapter is the only USB device supported on these DVRs, however, a USB hub is not necessary.



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