Pandora on TiVo: Troubleshooting

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This article deals with Pandora troubleshooting. If you need instructions on using Pandora, see How to use Pandora on TiVo.

Eligibility Requirements

You need to meet the following requirements to use Pandora for TiVo:

DVR model and software version

These DVRs support Pandora:

  • All Roamio Series DVRs
  • Premiere Series DVRs with software version 14.5 or higher
  • Series3 DVRs with software version 11.0h or higher

You can check your software version at the System Information screen:

From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Account & System Info > System Information

NOTE: If your DVR does not have the correct software version, you will need to update your software. For instructions, see How to Force a Connection to the TiVo Service.

Network connection

Your DVR must connect to the TiVo service via a broadband internet connection. For more information on connecting your DVR to your home network, visit the Networking Hub.

Pandora account

You need to register for a Pandora Internet Radio account through your web browser. You can create an account during the setup process.

Pandora doesn't appear in my list of apps:

Premiere Series DVRs only: Pandora requires that you use the high-definition TiVo menu (HDUI). The launch point will not display in the classic standard definition menu (SDUI).

If you aren't sure which menu type you are using, go to:

From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Settings > Displays > Choose TiVo Menus > TiVo with HD Menus (Widescreen)

Roamio Series DVRs or Premieres with HDUI:

  1. Make sure your TiVo device is connected to the Internet by going to:

    From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Settings > Network > View network diagnostics > Test Internet connection

    If your connection fails, see General Network Troubleshooting Tips.

  2. Pandora will not launch on my standard-definition TV

    To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:

    • Make sure your TiVo software version is up-to-date.
    • Set your video output format to 720p or higher:

      From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Settings > Video > Video Output Format

    • IMPORTANT: This step only applies to out-of-date software versions. Software versions 20.4.1 or later don't require a video output format of 720p or above to launch Pandora.

      The composite video output on TiVo devices always outputs 480i, regardless of the video output chosen through the menu. Your standard-definition TV won't display video in HD, but changing the output format on the DVR will make the app usable.

      Switching your video output format might cause your video to look stretched. To fix this, set the aspect correction mode to Full by going to:

      From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Settings > Video > Aspect Correction Mode

Report sound problems

If parts of your audio are missing or cut off, check other songs as well as an audio source outside of Pandora (i.e. Live TV) to see if they are experiencing the same issue. If so, see Audio and Video Troubleshooting.

If this audio issue only occurs while using Pandora, it could be a problem with your network. See General Network Troubleshooting Tips for assistance.

If you are experiencing problems with a single song or artist, there may be a problem with the Pandora content itself. Please report the issue directly to Pandora Technical Support.

Interference with transfers and downloads

When you play Pandora Internet Radio, you are streaming content over the network to your DVR. Too much traffic on your home network at once can cause problems for both your downloads/transfers and for Pandora. Try the following steps to improve your network performance:

  1. Stop all transfers and downloads while using Pandora, then resume them when you are done. Downloads from Video-on-Demand providers and transfers with TiVo Desktop and Multi-Room Viewing may transfer at a slower rate while the Pandora application is in use.
  2. Use Transfer History to determine the speed of the last transfer. If it was lower than expected, go to General Network Troubleshooting Tips for help optimizing your network.
  3. If you are using a wireless connection, consider using a Ethernet or MoCA connection instead. This will improve the speed of your video downloads.
  4. You might need to upgrade the speed of your Internet connection. Contact your Internet service provider to see which options are available to you.

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