What are TiVo Collections?

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The best shows - hand-selected by experts - have been gathered in Collections to allow you to easily record a group of similar programs. Available on Premiere series DVRs, Collections help you discover new movies and series, and automatically record the best TV programming available - everything from sports to fashion, and much more.

TiVo with HD menus: Go to TiVo Central, go to Find TV, Movies, & Video > Browse TV & Movies > Collections.
TiVo with SD menus: Go to TiVo Central, go toFind Programs > Kidzone Recommendations & Guru Guides.

You can record an entire Collection or pick and choose individual shows. If the show you select is available for a Season Pass, you will be given the option to record the entire season.

Just as you can for any other series or movie, you can also schedule Collections online. Shows selected will record with the One-Click options set for your online recordings.




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