Channels Missing or Incorrect in Live Guide

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Use this article if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

  • Channels are missing from the TiVo Live Guide
  • Channels have the wrong call letters in the TiVo Live Guide
  • Program titles are incorrect in the TiVo Live Guide
  1. Check your Guide Options to ensure that all of the channels that you receive are being displayed. Display the Guide and then press the yellow 'A' button (or Enter), if so indicated at the bottom of the screen) to verify your Guide options. Make sure that you are displaying "My Channels" (or "Channels you Receive") and that filters are turned off.
  2. If you cannot find a channel in the TiVo Live Guide, check for it on the Channel List screen.

    • From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages (or Messages & Settings) > Settings > Channels > Channel List.
    • Use the Arrows and Select button to toggle a checkmark next to any channel that you receive. Checked channels will show in the TiVo Live Guide and will be searchable from the Find Shows screen.

    NOTE: For Series2 DT DVRs, if there are two versions of the same channel, make sure you select your basic cable channels (marked "CBL") rather than the corresponding digital channels (marked "BOX" or "SAT") to minimize conflicts while recording.

  3. If the missing channels are not listed on the Channel List screen, you may need to select a different lineup.

IMPORTANT: The following steps will put your DVR into Guided Setup, which requires a connection to the TiVo Service. If you aren't sure your network (or phone connection) is operating, follow the instructions at How to Test the TiVo Service Connection before continuing.

Select a different lineup

  1. While in the Channel List screen, press Enter or Info (as indicated at the bottom of the screen) to change your lineup.
  2. To confirm that you want to continue, press Thumbs Down three times, followed by Enter .

    NOTE: If you have a Roamio or Premiere Series DVR, this will take you to the beginning of Guided Setup.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions until you come to the Cable Channel Lineup screen. From here, you can:
    • Press Select to continue with the default lineup choices for your provider.
    • Press Enter to go to the Advanced Setup screen, where you can select alternate lineups, if available (for example, rebuild lineups).

    After you select a lineup, your DVR will make its second connection to the TiVo Service to download the program guide data.

Still having trouble with your channel lineup and program guide information? Report the issue to TiVo.

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