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What is TiVo Central?

TiVo Central is the starting place on your TiVo DVR, much like the Desktop is on your computer.

From this "desktop" you can access the other features of your TiVo DVR such as My Shows, the Now Playing List, your Video On Demand, and Internet features. You can also set up and organize your Season Passes and access your DVR’s settings.

To access TiVo Central, press the TiVo button on the TiVo remote control.

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My TiVo button does not respond when I push it

If your TiVo button isn’t responding, see My TiVo DVR Does Not Respond to My TiVo Remote Control to troubleshoot the issue.

My remote doesn’t have a TiVo button

  1. Did the remote come with your TiVo DVR?
  2. Yes: Go to Step 2.

    No: If you are using a Universal Remote or third-party remote that does not allow you to access TiVo Central, you will need to use your TiVo remote to do this. If needed, replacement TiVo remotes are available through the TiVo store.

  3. Did you receive your TiVo DVR from your cable company?
  4. Yes: The TiVo Central button might be your cable company’s logo. Contact your cable company for assistance in locating the correct button.

    No: If your TiVo DVR is a Series1, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your Series1 DVR to obtain the proper remote for your DVR. Click here for information on contacting your Series1 DVR manufacturer.

    If you have a Series2 or newer DVR, replacement TiVo remotes are available through the TiVo store.


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