What to do if There is a Special Episode of a Show That I Have a Season Pass For

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When a network airs a special episode of a program that you have a Season Pass for, it is sometimes necessary to create a separate recording for that episode. This is because a change in the title can cause the TiVo Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to not recognize a special episode as part of the series.

For example, when Survivor aired a one-hour reunion special after the final episode of the season, the reunion special was not recorded as part of a Season Pass because it didn't have the same title that the other episodes had. A separate recording for this episode had to be scheduled.

There are two ways you can avoid missing special episodes

  • You can create a seperate Season Pass for the show. For more information, got to How do I create a Season Pass?
  • You can avoid missing special episodes by creating a Title WishList to get all episodes. A Title WishList for Survivor will search for any shows with the word Survivor in the title of the show or episode. If you choose to set the WishList to auto-record, keep in mind that it will record all of these shows and not just the ones for the Survivor series. For more information on fine tuning your Wish List, go to Using WishList Searches.


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