A Multi-Room Viewing transfer did not start or the transfer was incomplete

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This article refers to the source TiVo DVR and destination DVR. The source DVR is the DVR that contains the program to transfer. The destination DVR is the DVR to which the program is being transferred. Both the source and destination DVRs will continue to function normally while the transfer is taking place. The destination DVR is always used to request a transfer from the source DVR.

Multi-Room Viewing Transfer did not start

If your transfer did not or will not start, the recording history may tell you the reason why:

Roamio Series DVRs and Premiere Series DVRs using HD menus

From TiVo Central > Manage Recordings & Downloads > History

Premiere Series DVRs using SD menus

From TiVo Central > Find Shows > To Do List > View Recording History

Series3 and earlier DVRs

From TiVo Central > Find Programs > To Do List > View Recording History

Multi-Room Viewing Transfer was incomplete

If a transfer was incomplete, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • The program on the source DVR may have been deleted before the transfer was completed.
  • The transfer may have been stopped on the destination DVR before the transfer was completed.
  • There may have been a connection or network issue that prevented the transfer from completing. The DVR will continue to attempt transfer of the complete program for three days. Check the network connection to ensure that it is working properly. For more information, go to General Network Troubleshooting Tips.

Multi-Room Viewing shows a recording from a regular channel will not transfer

If you recorded a show on a standard channel, and it is marked with a red circle-slash icon, this means the transfer is unavailable. This can occur for many reasons, but most commonly it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • You are attempting to transfer a digital or HD recording to a TiVo Series2 or Series1 DVR. These boxes are not capable of viewing digital or HD recordings and will not allow you access to such recordings.
  • Your cable provider may have implemented copy-protection on live television programs, enabling you to record to a TiVo box, but not to transfer it to another DVR or your PC. See Questions About Copy Protection for more information.

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