TiVo Mini FAQ & Troubleshooting (Enterprise Operators)

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TiVo Mini is part of the TiVo Whole Home experience. With the TiVo Mini, you can stream content from a host DVR to up to three televisions in your home.

About TiVo Mini

What can I do with my TiVo Mini?

With TiVo Mini, you can:
  • Stream and watch Live TV with full Trick Play functions
  • Pause a show in one room and resume it in another
  • Stream recorded shows to another DVR
  • Access your 4-tuner TiVo DVR through your Ethernet or MoCA home network to schedule recordings, WishLists searches and Season Pass recordings
  • Share web entertainment from another TV, including movies and music from Hulu Plus, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and other broadband content providers
  • Stream HD recordings to up to three TVs

Tivo Mini does not have a tuner or hard drive, and does not need a CableCARD. Additionally, the remote in the TiVo App cannot control TiVo Mini.

What is in the TiVo Mini box?

  • 1 standard TiVo remote
  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 1 power adapter

Hardware specifications

TiVo Mini has the following specifications:

Video Out

Audio Out


  • 1 MoCA (used only for MoCA networking, not for cable TV input)

Expansion ports

  • 1 USB
  • 1 Ethernet

What does TiVo Mini get from the host DVR?

TiVo Mini is a client device. It depends on the host DVR to provide:

  • Program guide data
  • Tuners (for Live TV streaming and QAM-based VOD)
  • Multi-Room Streaming content
  • My Shows
  • Remote Scheduling
  • Parental Controls and Channel Locks
  • Thumb Ratings
  • Search
  • Browse
  • Discovery Bar
  • Poster Art

NOTE: If TiVo Mini loses connection to your home network, this data will not be available.

How to set up TiVo Mini

Home network and account requirements

TiVo Mini requires:
  • All TiVo devices must be on the same TiVo account.
  • Your TiVo account must be activated and in good standing.
  • A maximum of 12 TiVo devices per account, including TiVo Mini, can share programming.
  • The host DVR must be a 4-tuner TiVo Premiere series running software 20.2.2 or above.

    IMPORTANT: If you have a retail TiVo Mini, the host DVR must be a retail model. Likewise, if you purchased your TiVo Mini from your cable operator, you must also have a compatible DVR supplied by your cable operator. Retail Minis will not work with operator-supplied DVRs, and operator-supplied Minis will not work with retail DVRs.

  • TiVo Mini must be on the same network and subnet as the host DVR.
  • TiVo Mini, the host DVR, and all other DVRs you want to use with TiVo Mini must connect to the home router using a high-bandwidth Ethernet or MoCA connection. For ease of setup and maintenance, TiVo recommends that you use the same type of connection across all devices on your network.

    IMPORTANT: TiVo Mini does not support wireless connections and cannot interact with DVRs in your home that are on a wireless connection.

Setup instructions

Prepare the host DVR for use with TiVo Mini

NOTE: You must use the high-definition menu (HDUI) to prepare the host DVR. Once preparation is complete, you can switch back to the standard definition menu (SDUI) if you prefer.

  1. Verify that the host DVR meets the requirements listed in Home network and account requirements, above.
  2. Connect your host DVR to your home network using an Ethernet or MoCA connection.

    IMPORTANT! TiVo Mini does not support wireless connections.

  3. Name the host DVR to make it easier to find on the network:
    1. From TiVo Central, go to Settings & Messages > Settings > Remote, CableCARD, & Devices > Name this DVR.
    2. Choose a name from the list or enter a unique name.

      NOTE: Avoid using special characters (symbols, language characters, etc.) when naming TiVo devices. Special characters can interfere with the device's visibility on the network and/or cause an error when trying to access the device.

  4. Check your DVR's network connection. From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Settings > Network > View network diagnostics > Test Internet connection.

Install TiVo Mini

  1. Connect TiVo Mini to the TV.
    • For high-definition TV, connect the HDMI cable (included in the package) between TiVo Mini and the TV.
    • For other TV types, use component and/or composite breakout cables (available in the TiVo Store).
  2. Connect TiVo Mini to the home network using Ethernet or MoCA.
    • Ethernet: Connect TiVo Mini to an open input on the router or to an Ethernet jack in the wall using an Ethernet cable.
    • MoCA: If you use a MoCA network in your home, connect the coax cable from the wall to the MoCA jack on the back of TiVo Mini.

    • IMPORTANT! TiVo Mini does not support wireless connections.

  3. Plug in the TiVo Mini power cord.

Perform Guided Setup on TiVo Mini

  1. Turn on the TV that TiVo Mini is connected to and wait for the "Welcome!" screen to display. When instructed to do so, press SELECT on the TiVo remote to begin the setup process.
  2. The next screen presents TiVo's service terms; select Agree to continue.

    NOTE: You must agree to the terms of service to complete Guided Setup.

  3. The next screen asks if you want to change "Video Formats." There are two options:
    • Keep automatic settings: This is the typical choice. TiVo Mini will select the formats according to what settings it discovers on the television.
    • Change settings: Select this option if you know what resolutions your television supports and prefer to set the video formats manually.
  4. You will then see the "Getting Setup Info" screen, which will go through a series of steps to connect to the TiVo service to download and load the information. At the end of these steps, press the SELECT button to continue.
  5. The next step of Guided Setup will instruct you to Name This TiVo Box. Choose a name from the list or enter a unique name.

    NOTE: Avoid using special characters (symbols, language characters, etc.) when naming TiVo devices. Special characters can interfere with the device's visibility on the network and/or cause an error when trying to access the device.

  6. The next screen will prompt you to connect TiVo Mini to a compatible host DVR.

    NOTE: If TiVo Mini only detects one compatible host DVR, it will automatically select it and you will not see this screen.

  7. That's it! Press the TiVo button on the remote to go to TiVo Central.

Releasing a tuner for other TiVo devices

Once you access the host DVR's tuner from TiVo Mini, that tuner is not available for other network devices. When you are done using the Mini and want to release the host tuner to other network devices (e.g., another TiVo Mini, TiVo Stream), press the TiVo button to return to TiVo Central, then press the TiVo button a second time to release the tuner.

Unless you actively release the tuner, it remains available to TiVo Mini for an hour and a half. If the tuner is not accessed during this time, it is automatically released.

IR Adapter

The TiVo IR Adapter lets you control TiVo Mini (or a Premiere series DVR) that does not have a direct line of sight for an IR remote (e.g., in a cabinet).

TiVo IR Adapter setup

  1. Plug the IR Adapter's USB connector into the TiVo device's USB port.

    NOTE: If you're using the IR Adapter with a Premiere series DVR, the DVR must have software version 20.2.2 or later.

  2. Position the IR adapter so that the either the end or the TiVo man is visible. If needed, secure the adapter with the included Velcro patch.

    NOTE: Make sure that the TiVo remote will have an unobstructed view of the adapter when the adapter is in position.

How to use TiVo Mini

How do I watch Live TV from the host DVR on TiVo Mini?

On the TiVo remote, press the Live TV button. All Live TV functions are the same, but channel changing will be slower as TiVo Mini will need to buffer the video before it begins playing.

How do I watch recorded content from the host DVR or other Premiere series DVRs on TiVo Mini?

You can stream recorded content to TiVo Mini from not only your host DVR, but from any other Premiere series on your account that is on the same network.

To watch recorded shows from a Premiere series DVR:

  1. Press the TiVo button to go to TiVo Central, then select My Shows.
  2. Highlight the name of the Premiere series DVR you want to access and press SELECT to see the My Shows list for that DVR.
  3. Highlight the show and press PLAY. You can watch the show either from the point it was paused on the DVR, or from the beginning.

To return to My Shows on the host DVR:

Press the TiVo button and select My Shows.

NOTE: Selecting a show from a non-host DVR does not change it to the host DVR. To change the host DVR, see How to set up TiVo Mini.

How do I remotely schedule a recording on the host DVR from TiVo Mini?

All normal TiVo recording options are available on TiVo Mini.

NOTE: For this task, TiVo Mini uses a tuner that the TiVo DVR has not allocated for Live TV Streaming or watching QAM-based VOD.

How do I use TiVo Thumb Ratings with TiVo Mini?

Use the THUMBS UP and THUMBS DOWN buttons on the TiVo remote to rate shows through TiVo Mini. The Thumb Ratings will apply to the host DVR, not TiVo Mini.

How do I use Parental Controls with TiVo Mini?

TiVo Mini has its own Parental Controls. The setup is the same as that for Premiere series DVRs:

  1. From TiVo Central, select Settings & Messages > Parental Controls.
  2. Enter a four-digit password.
  3. For confirmation, enter the password again.

You can also establish ratings limits for movies on TiVo Mini.

TiVo Mini inherits the Channel Locks set on the host DVR.

How do I use Photos, Music, and other Applications on TiVo Mini?

TiVo Mini also provides access to photos, music, and other applications.

NOTE: This list of applications is for illustrative purposes only. Supported applications can change at any time without notification.

From TiVo Central, choose Find TV, Movies, & Videos

  • Enterprise Operator’s Video On Demand
  • YouTube

From TiVo Central, choose Music & Photos

From TiVo Central, choose Apps

  • Browse & Buy Movie Tickets
  • SameGame
  • Wordsmith
  • Skull & Bones
  • Rockswap
  • Kaboom
  • Quizmaster

How do I change the host DVR for TiVo Mini?

To change which Premiere series DVR is hosting your TiVo Mini, see How to set up TiVo Mini.

Multiple XFINITY On Demand streams

TiVo customers with XFINITY On Demand can use the TiVo Whole Home Solution to send multiple XFINITY On Demand streams to different TiVo devices within the home, including:

  • TiVo Mini
  • Other TiVo DVRS in the house

If you reach the maximum number of streams for your situation, you will receive an error message.


Connection states for TiVo Mini

The following table describes the interaction of TiVo Mini with the host DVR based on your network connectivity. Depending on what's connected to the network and the internet, different features will be available to TiVo Mini.

The left side of the table (three columns) shows different states of connectivity for TiVo Mini and the host DVR:

  • Whether TiVo Mini and host DVR are connected to each other on the local network (Y or N)
  • Whether TiVo Mini can connect to the Internet, regardless of its connection to the host DVR (Y or N)
  • Whether the host DVR can connect to the Internet (Y or N)

The right side of the table (four columns) show which features are available based on the connection states on the left side of the table.

For example, in Row 3, the left side of the table shows that TiVo Mini can connect to the host DVR on the local network, but has no independent connection to the Internet. The host DVR can connect to the Internet. Moving to the right, you see that without an independent Internet connection, TiVo Mini cannot use Internet-based apps or display poster art, but it can still access everything on the host DVR, as well as use Search, Browse, and the Discovery Bar.

  TiVo Mini can connect with the host DVR TiVo Mini can connect to the Internet Host DVR can connect to the Internet Internet-based OTT Apps PGD
Tuners (LTS, VOD)
My Shows
Remote Scheduling
Parental Controls
Thumb Ratings
Discovery Bar
Poster Art
1 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
2 Y Y N Y Y N N
3 Y N Y N Y Y N
4 Y N N N Y N N
5 N Y Y Y N N N
6 N Y N Y N NN
7 N N Y N N N N
8 N N N NN N N

TiVo Mini times out of Live TV

Live TV streaming times out after 90 minutes of inactivity. Your TiVo box will ask you if you are still viewing the program. If so, you will be prompted to press the TiVo button or Live TV in order to continue viewing.

TiVo Mini does not power up, or is unstable

  1. Make sure you are using a TiVo-approved power adapter for TiVo Mini.
  2. Try a different Tivo-approved power adapter for TiVo Mini.
  3. If multiple Tivo-approved power adapters fail to resolve the problem, contact our Support Team.

I cannot select a host DVR

Ensure the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. All devices are running TiVo software version 20.2.2 or greater.
  2. All devices are on the same TiVo account.
  3. All devices are on the same network and subnet.
  4. All devices are activated and in good standing (Service State 3).
  5. All devices connect to the home router using a high-bandwidth connection (Ethernet or MoCA).

    NOTE: TiVo Mini does not support a wireless connection.

  6. A maximum of 12 TiVo devices per account, including TiVo Mini, can share programming.

Tuner allocation troubleshooting

TiVo Mini requires the use of a tuner on your host DVR to stream Live TV. The host DVR allocates up to two tuners to TiVo Mini and other networked devices on a first-come, first-served basis. If other devices are currently using all available dedicated tuners, you need to release a tuner to be used by TiVo Mini.

There is no video output

  1. Make sure you are on the correct TV input.
  2. Ensure all cables are plugged in correctly.
  3. Change the video output resolution on TiVo Mini:
    1. Press the Resolution button located on the bottom of TiVo Mini. Each time you press the button, the output resolution will change.
    2. Continue pressing the Resolution button until the TV displays a picture. Wait a few moments between each press for the new resolution to synchronize with the TV.

Slower channel changing

When you stream Live TV through TiVo Mini, there is a very slight delay for setup and buffering. This lag is to be expected.

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