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TiVo subscribers can access thousands of YouTube videos on their TiVo box!

YouTube on TiVo FAQs and General Troubleshooting

YouTube will not launch on my standard-definition TV

If you have a standard-definition TV, make sure your video settings are compatible with the HTML version of the YouTube app. YouTube will not load when the TiVo device's video output format is not HD, or if it is connected to a standard definition television via component (red/green/blue) cables.

To resolve this issue:

  • Set your video output format to 720p or higher by going to:

    From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Settings > Video > Video Output Format

  • Connect your DVR to the SD television with a composite (red/yellow/white) cable
  • [Recommended] Set the aspect correction mode to full by going to:

    From TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Settings > Video > Aspect Correction Mode

    The composite video output on TiVo devices always outputs 480i, regardless of the video output chosen through the menu. You won't see high-definition video through a standard-definition television, but changing the output format on the DVR will make the app usable.

If these steps fail to resolve the issue, or if you can't load YouTube on a high-definition television, contact TiVo Customer Support.

Is YouTube available on all TiVo boxes?

YouTube on TiVo is available on Roamio Series, Premiere Series, and Series3 DVRs

NOTE: TiVo does not officially support TiVo Series3 HD, TiVo HD, and Premiere in Canada. Customers using an unsupported TiVo box should not expect full-functionality of all YouTube on TiVo features.


Are all YouTube videos available to view on my TiVo box?

Some videos that are available on are not available for viewing on your TiVo box. Video selections available within the YouTube on TiVo application represent video offerings with H.264 encoding only.

In addition, videos that are marked private, even if you are the one that uploaded them, will not appear in a Playlist or Favorite.


I am receiving YouTube playback messages.

If Video sharing is not checked under DVR Preferences in My Account, YouTube will display a message when you attempt to play a video. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable transfers, or simply go to My Account, click the DVR Preferences tab, and verify that both Video sharing and Enable Video Downloads are checked.

If you have more than one TiVo box, you must enable these preferences for each box that you want to use to view YouTube videos. Please wait one hour after performing these actions and then make a service connection. After a successful service connection is complete, you will be able to watch YouTube videos.

If you experience playback performance issues, such as out-of-sync audio and video, exit the application and try again.


I am experiencing interference with transfers and downloads.

When you play YouTube videos, you are streaming content over the network to your TiVo box. If your box is in the process of downloading web content from Amazon Instant Video, Music Choice, or another web video source, DO NOT use the YouTube application. Your download or transfer will stop and start over from the beginning once you exit the YouTube application.

TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing will also experience slower performance while the YouTube application is in use.

NOTE: This information is only for the YouTube TiVo application. If you need help with your YouTube account, please contact YouTube.

On Series3 and Premiere DVRs, use Transfer History to determine the speed of the last transfer. If it was lower than expected, go to General network troubleshooting tips for information on how to optimize your network.

If you are using a wireless connection, you may want to consider using a wired Ethernet or MoCA connection. This will improve the speed of your video downloads.


YouTube on Roamio Series DVRs

Roamio Series DVRs use a new HTML version of YouTube, as opposed to the Flash version used by previous DVRs. YouTube will function the same way as before, with a few notable updates:


The Discover and Launch (DIAL) protocol is a set of open-source standards used for the new HTML version of YouTube. DIAL allows you to find YouTube videos on your mobile device and open them on your DIAL-compatible TiVo devices. To use this feature, your mobile device and TiVo device must be on the same network; however, they do not have to be paired.

Account personalization

The following menus have been added in the HTML version of YouTube:

  • My uploads
  • My activity

Closed Captioning

With the new HTML version, you can display closed captions in multiple languages.

Inappropriate content

You now have the ability to flag content as inappropriate based on the category of video.

Back button

The Roamio remote control added a new Back button, which can be used to return to the previous screen within YouTube.


YouTube Leanback on TiVo Premiere

NOTE: If you are not seeing the YouTube Leanback application, you may need to update your software to the latest version.

My Premiere just upgraded to software or higher and I do not see YouTube anymore

Once the box has downloaded software or higher, the YouTube application may temporarily disappear. It will take 4 - 6 hours for the software to load the new YouTube Leanback application.

If the application does not appear after 6 hours, please contact TiVo Customer Support.


How do I sign into to my YouTube account?

  1. Arrow down to My YouTube and press Select.
  2. With Sign In highlighted (light gray) press Select.
  3. Follow the onscreen instruction to link your YouTube account with your TiVo.

IMPORTANT: If the YouTube application prompts you to enter a code in your mobile device, you have selected Pairing. Go back and select Sign In.


How do I play YouTube videos on my Premiere box?

  1. Use your remote to navigate to a video you want to watch.
  2. Press Select and the video will begin to play.


When I am playing a video and press the Down Arrow, I see other menus. What are these menus?

NOTE: Once you have opened the other menus, pressing up will take you back one screen or exit the menu.

Player menu: The first menu displayed when you press the DOWN arrow is the Player menu; which gives you controls to pause, fast-forward, and rewind the video.

Info menu: Pressing down from the Player menu opens the Info menu. This provides you information about the video you are watching. You can also give it a THUMBS rating. This sends a message to your social media accounts to let others know what you are watching, or flag the video as unwanted content.

Related Videos menu: Pressing down from the Info menu opens the Related Videos menu. This menu displays videos similar to the one you are watching.

Current Playlist menu: Pressing down from the Related Videos menu opens the Current Playlist. If the video you are watching is in a YouTube playlist, this menu will show you other videos in that playlist. If the video is not in a playlist, the menu shows related videos.

NOTE: Pressing down from the Current Playlist brings you back to the Player menu.


How do I exit a video I am watching?

  1. Press the Down Arrow to see the Playback controls.
  2. Highlight Back and press Select.


I pushed the Left Arrow and I see videos along the bottom of the screen. What are these videos?

When you push the Left Arrow, the application will show you one of two playlists of videos:

  1. If you started in a playlist, the videos are the remaining videos in that playlist.
  2. If you began the video with a search, the application will display related videos.

As long as you are navigating left or right, these videos will stay up. If you do not use a remote button for 5–10 seconds, the playlist will disappear.

NOTE: If you need to access the playback controls, wait for the list to disappear, and then press the Down Arrow.


How do I search for videos?

  1. Highlight Search and press Select.
  2. Use the onscreen keyboard to type your search term.
  3. NOTE: The on-screen keyboard is predicative and will give you four letters that the software believes you may want to choose based on the previous letters you have selected.

  4. If the predictive text does not offer the correct letter, arrow to the next letter you want and press Select.
  5. NOTE: With predictive text, repeat Steps 2 and Step 3 until you have spelled the word you are searching for.

  6. Highlight the video you want to watch and press Select.
  7. >


How do I use the other menus in the YouTube application?

Discover Channels: This menu lets you explore the newest and most popular YouTube channels. You can select from many different categories, including animation, celebrities, or comedy.

Search: This menu allows you to search YouTube for videos. For more information, see How can I search for videos?.

My YouTube: This menu allows you to log into your YouTube account. Once signed in, you will see your playlists and favorite videos that meet the requirements to play on your TiVo box. See Video Availability for more information under YouTube on all TiVo boxes.

Featured: This menu displays playlists of videos YouTube has handpicked as the best YouTube videos.


How do I exit the YouTube application?

To exit the YouTube application you can either:

  • Push Clear to return to the previous TiVo menu.
  • Press the TiVo button.

NOTE: If you are using a third party remote, you will have to use the button that is programmed to return to TiVo Central.


When I navigate to My YouTube, I see a box that says Pairing. What is this?

This menu allows you to link the YouTube Remote app (provided by Google) with your mobile device. The application allows you to control any network-connected device running the YouTube Leanback application, including Premiere boxes.

While you are at home and connected to the same network as your Premiere, you can use the YouTube Remote app to search, watch, and navigate videos remotely.

NOTE: When you are away from home, you will not be able to access your TiVo with the YouTube Remote app.

For more information on this Google app, click here.


How do I pair the TiVo YouTube app with my YouTube Remote?

1. Navigate and SELECT Pairing.

2. On your computer, go to

3. Sign into your YouTube account.

4. Enter the code on your television.

IMPORTANT! If the application prompts you to enter your YouTube username/email address and password, you have selected Sign In instead. Go back and select Pairing.

5. Click the Allow Access button.

6. When you see a message on you television confirming that the application has successfully linked to your account, press any button on your remote.

If pairing your YouTube Remote app is unsuccessful, contact YouTube support.


How do I unlink my YouTube account from the TiVo YouTube app?

  1. Use your remote to navigate to My YouTube.
  2. With Sign Out highlighted (light gray) and press Select.


The video is playing on my YouTube Remote and not on my TiVo

Three issues that may cause this:

  1. Verify that your mobile device is using wireless and not 3G/4G.
  2. Make sure you have enabled Network Remote Control on your DVR. You can change this by going to TiVo Central > Messages & Settings > Settings > Remote Control, CableCARD, & Devices > Network Remote Control. If the TiVo menu indicates that you have not enabled Network Remote Control, follow the onscreen instructions to enable it.
  3. Verify both your TiVo and your mobile device are connecting to the same network.
  4. If you continue having issues with your YouTube Remote app, contact YouTube support.


I am having problems using the YouTube Remote app.

For issues with your YouTube Remote app, contact YouTube support.


YouTube on Series3 boxes

How do I sign into to my YouTube account?

Use your remote to navigate to Arrow down to Sign in, press Select and you will be prompted to enter your YouTube username and then password.


How do I play YouTube videos on my TiVo box?

  1. Locate a video you wish to watch.
  2. Press Play or Select.


How do I exit a video I am watching?

Pressing the Left Arrow will exit any video you are watching to the previous menu.


How do I search for YouTube videos?

  1. Use your remote to navigate to Search.
  2. Use the onscreen keyboard or your TiVo Slide remote keyboard to enter keywords for a video.
  3. When the video appears on the right side, arrow to it and push Play or Select.


What do all the options in the YouTube application do?

Featured Videos: These are videos showcased by YouTube.

Most Recent: These are videos added in the last 24 hours.

Top Favorites: These are videos selected by YouTube staff as their favorites. You can look at the favorites of Today, the week, past 30 days, or All time.

Most Viewed: These videos have the highest view counts. You see the most viewed for Today, the week, past 30 days, or All time.

Top Rated: These are videos that have received the most four or five star ratings. You see the top rated for Today, the week, past 30 days, or All time.


Need additional assistance? Chat with a TiVo representative.

To get help from other TiVo users, visit the TiVo Help Forums.



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