Tim Tebow and TiVo

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Introducing TiVo's brand ambassador, Tim Tebow! Tim Tebow will be featured in a series of TiVo TV commercials promoting the unique value the TiVo experience provides to viewers. Premiere series DVRs will also feature Tim Tebow's favorite shows, movies, and recommendations in the "Tim Tebow Zone".

Why did TiVo choose Tim Tebow as the brand ambassador?

To learn more about the partnership, please view the video messages available on TiVo.com or our official TiVo Facebook page.

Will TiVo have special Tebow features/content?

Premiere series customers can access an exclusive "Tim Tebow Zone", highlighting Tebow's favorite shows, movies and recommended content for kids from TV and the web.

These collections will change on a regular basis, to promote Tim Tebow’s favorite shows and movies.

To access the Tim Tebow Zone:

From TiVo Central, select Find TV, Movies, Videos > Browse TV & Movies > Collections > Tim Tebow Zone

Will there be a Tebow-branded DVR be available or any specially branded products?

No products are available at this time.

Are there any promotions (deals on products/service) related to this endorsement?

Our same everyday low prices apply, but promotions going forward are possible.

Is this a paid endorsement? Are there going to be more people chosen?

Tim Tebow serves as a compensated brand ambassador for TiVo. He is one of many sponsors, brand ambassadors, and spokespeople TiVo works with.

Does TiVo endorse Tim Tebow's religious views?

TiVo employees, partners, and associates are made up of a diverse array of personal views. TiVo does not endorse the personal views of any individual.



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