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What is KidZone?

KidZone gives parents a safe place to make decisions about what their kids can watch based on their personal interests and values. KidZone gives kids their own space to find and watch their favorite shows.


Which DVRs have KidZone?

KidZone is available on Series1, Series2, and Series3 DVRs.

KidZone is not available on TiVo Premiere series DVRs. To control what your kids watch, please use Parental Controls. For instructions on how to set up and use Parental Controls, click here.


How can I protect my kids from watching unsuitable videos downloaded to my TiVo DVR?

If you are concerned that others may use your PC to purchase or rent content from your Amazon Instant Video account, be sure to sign out of Amazon before leaving your computer unattended. To completely sign out of your Amazon account, you must click on the “If you’re not (your name), click here” link provided at the top of the homepage.

Please see Setting up KidZone for setup instructions.

IMPORTANT: Currently, storing any videos from Amazon Instant Video in your KidZone folder automatically makes all content in your Amazon folder openly visible and accessible to anyone. This issue is being addressed by our Video Downloads team.


How can I download a video from Amazon Instant Video directly to a KidZone folder?

Please see Adding shows to KidZone.




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