Cisco/Scientific Atlanta CableCARD Installation: Roamio Series and Premiere Series

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  1. Plug the CableCARD into the TiVo DVR (click the picture to see a larger version):

  2. From the CableCARD Menu, select SA CableCARD/Host ID Screen. Copy the CableCARD ID and Host ID. If you are unsure how to get to the CableCARD Menu, or you have trouble installing the CableCARD, go to Roamio and Premiere CableCARD Instructions.

  3. Press Clear to go back to the CableCARD Menu, then select SA CableCARD Diag Screen. Copy the serial number (SL No).

  4. Call the cable provider's CableCARD activation hotline. Use the number listed on the SA CableCARD/Host ID Screen, or the phone number you would normally call for technical support. See Customer guide: Preparing for a CableCARD conversation with the cable provider for more information.

To choose a different kind of CableCARD or start over from the beginning, go to Roamio and Premiere CableCARD Instructions.

If you encounter any difficulties, your cable provider is the best resource to contact, because the CableCARD is their equipment. However, if you are unable to resolve the issue after contacting your cable provider, please call our Technical Support team. If necessary, we can initiate a three-way call with you and your cable provider to help explain the issue you are experiencing.

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