Amazon Instant Video - Linking Issues

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This article will help you troubleshoot issues linking your Amazon account to your TiVo box.

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NOTE: Amazon Prime is currently not supported on TiVo boxes.

The TiVo Amazon On Demand experience gives you access to the complete Amazon Instant Video library-all you need to do is link your account with your TiVo DVR.

Amazon Prime users can link their accounts just like any non-Amazon-Prime user, however, free Prime Instant Video content is not available through the TiVo Amazon On Demand experience. Amazon Prime users linked to TiVo can access the general Amazon Instant Video Library instead.

For more information on Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime Instant Video, visit Amazon’s Instant Video site


What is “Linking” or “Account Linking”?

If You Have Multiple TiVo Accounts...

If You Have Multiple Amazon Accounts...

One of my DVRs is listed incorrectly with Amazon Instant Video

Refreshing Your List of Registered DVRs

Unlinking a DVR from Amazon

I forgot my Amazon account information


What is "Linking" or "Account Linking?"

To download videos from Amazon Instant Video, you must link your TiVo account with your Amazon account. This allows Amazon to send Amazon Instant Video videos to your TiVo DVR.

Sign up here for an Amazon account.

Sign up here for access to your TiVo My Account page.

WARNING: You can use only one Amazon account per TiVo account.

If You Have Multiple TiVo Accounts...

Because you may only download Amazon Instant Video videos to a single TiVo account, you must combine any additional TiVo accounts you may have into a single account.

Contact TiVo Customer Support for help with combining multiple TiVo accounts.

IMPORTANT: After you have worked with TiVo Customer Support to combine your accounts you must refresh your list of registered DVRs.

If You Have Multiple Amazon Accounts...

You must choose one primary Amazon account when linking to your TiVo account. All purchases and rentals will be made through this Amazon account.

You can make changes to your choice of Amazon accounts at any time by:

1. Canceling the link for the first account at

2. Performing the linking process for the new Amazon account and your TiVo account as described above.

IMPORTANT: When a new Amazon account is selected, any videos purchased through the previous Amazon account will continue to use the licenses issued under the previous account. Those licenses will not be released until the new Amazon account is re-linked with your TiVo account.

One of my DVRs is listed incorrectly with Amazon Instant Video

If an incorrect TiVo DVR listing appears in the Amazon Instant Video drop-down box, refresh your TiVo and Amazon accounts. If this fails:

1. Login to your TiVo account.

NOTE: Access to the My Account page requires an account.

If you do not have an account, take a minute to sign up.

2. Select “DVR Preferences.”

3. Verify the names of the TiVo DVRs on your account.

4. Select “Enable Video Downloads” next to the TiVo DVR you’d like displayed in your Amazon Instant Video account.

5. Make sure your DVR is setup to use broadband.

6. Force a connection to the TiVo service by going to TiVo Central > Messages and Settings > Settings > Phone and Network > Connect to the TiVo service now.

7. Wait 15 minutes.

8. Refresh your TiVo and Amazon accounts.

Refreshing Your List of Registered DVRs

By linking your TiVo account to your Amazon account, you send a current list of eligible DVRs on your TiVo account to Amazon. However, any time you make changes to the DVRs on your TiVo account, you must refresh your Amazon account.

Below are examples of instances where you will need to re-link your TiVo and Amazon accounts in order to download videos:

  • If you add a new DVR to your account.
  • If you cancel service on one of the DVRs on your account
  • If the TiVo Service Number on one of your DVRs changes due to an exchange
  • If one of your DVRs begins using broadband and is now eligible to use Amazon Instant Video
  • If one of your broadband DVRs stops using broadband and is therefore no longer eligible to use Amazon Instant Video
  • You change a DVR’s name using My Account.

Unlinking a DVR from Amazon

If you would like to unlink a TiVo DVR from your account, sign in on the Amazon Instant Video on TiVo page and follow the on-screen instructions.

I forgot my Amazon account information

If you’ve forgotten your Amazon account information, please contact Amazon customer support.


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