Roamio Built-In Wireless FAQ

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With the TiVo Roamio Series, you can connect your DVR to your home network wirelessly, without a separate network adapter! Roamio Series DVRs feature an integrated wireless adapter that requires no additional setup or equipment.

IMPORTANT: For the built-in wireless feature to work, your network name (SSID) must be visible. This is the default setting for the great majority of routers, but if you have changed your router's security settings to hide your SSID, you will need to unhide it before using your Roamio Series DVR wirelessly.

What equipment do I need to use the Roamio's wireless feature?

All you need is a home network with a wireless router—no additional equipment is required.

Can I wirelessly access my other DVRs, TiVo Stream, and TiVo Mini?

The TiVo Whole Home Solution works best with a wired Ethernet or MoCA connection. However, if you have a Roamio Plus or Roamio Pro DVR, you can wirelessly stream content between it and other TiVo devices in your home.

Roamio Plus and Pro models have a transcoder that enables streaming without a standalone TiVo Stream.

Can I use my TiVo Wireless N or Wireless G Adapter with Roamio?

The TiVo Wireless N Adapter is compatible with Roamio Series DVRs, but this functionality is untested and unsupported by TiVo. If you are having trouble with your Roamio's built-in wireless feature, see My wireless connection isn't working. What do I do?

The TiVo Wireless G Adapter will not work with Roamio Series DVRs.

My wireless connection isn't working. What do I do?

If you are unable to use the built-in wireless feature during Guided Setup, first powercycle your DVR, router, and modem, and run Guided Setup again. If you still are unable to connect wirelessly, connect your DVR to your router with an Ethernet cable and complete Guided Setup with a wired connection. Then contact TiVo Technical Support for help with your wireless issue.

If you get a network error message while using your Roamio Series DVR wirelessly, go to Network Error Messages. If after troubleshooting you can't resolve the issue, contact TiVo Technical Support.

If you run out of program guide data while using your Roamio Series DVR wirelessly, first Force a Connection to the TiVo Service. If your connection is unsuccessful, contact TiVo Technical Support.


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