Other Devices Respond to the DVR Remote

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To resolve remote control conflicts, such as the input or volume changing when trying to change channels, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the System Information screen by pressing the TiVo button on your remote control. From TiVo Central > Messages & Settings; > Account & System Information > System Information.
  2. Once at the System Information screen, scroll down by pressing Channel Down until you see Remote Address.

Image of step one

  1. Cover the front of the DVR remote and hold down the Pause and TiVo buttons for 5 seconds, until the red LED on the remote lights up.
  2. Use the number keys to enter any digit from 1–9 (1–3 on a Sony). We recommend entering a 1. The remote LED will flash, but the screen will not update.
  3. Press the Right Arrow button to send the code to the TiVo DVR. You should see the remote address change on the screen. You have now programmed this remote control to operate on remote address 1. All conflicts should now be resolved.
  4. NOTE: If this does not resolve the issue, it will be necessary to try using other remote codes to control the affected device. For more information, go to How Do I Program My Remote to Control a TV /Stereo?

    IMPORTANT: If you have a TiVo Slide remote, you can set its address, but the remote address reverts to 0 as soon as you remove the USB receiver from the back of a TiVo box. With an address of 0, the remote will control every TiVo box within range. To ensure that the Slide remote always controls just one TiVo box, make sure its USB receiver is always installed.



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