Video on Demand Essentials

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This page serves as a hub for all of the Video on Demand content you can access through your TiVo DVR. Refer to the compatibility table to see which features are available on your DVR:

Video on Demand Compatibility by DVR

  Roamio Series Premiere Series Series3 Series2 Series1
Amazon Instant Video Yes Yes Yes Yes No
AOL On App Yes Yes No No No
Huffington Post Yes Yes No No No
Hulu Plus Yes Yes No No No
MLB.TV Yes Yes No No No
Moviefone Yes Yes No No No
Netflix Yes Yes Yes No No
Opera TV App Store Yes Yes Yes No No
TechCrunch Yes Yes Yes No No
Web Videos Yes Yes Yes Limited No
XFINITY on Demand Yes Yes No No No
YouTube Yes Yes Yes No No

Click the appropriate link to learn more:

Amazon Instant Video

These Amazon articles provide instructions on account linking, common troubleshooting solutions, and links to relevant Amazon Instant Video information on the web:

Amazon Instant Video-FAQ

Amazon Instant Video-Troubleshooting


AOL On App

The AOL On app draws video content from The AOL On library of more than 380,000 short-form videos. The content is from providers like Moviefone, Engadget and HuffPost Entertainment.

The app also features HD videos from the AOL On Network's premium content partners like Reuters, AP, BBC, Newsy, Entertainment Tonight, Sugar, E!, Splash News, CNET, and Gourmet TV. The AOL On Network adds new content on a regular basis.

AOL On App: Roamio and Premiere DVRs


Huffington Post App

The Huffington Post App brings you up-to-the-minute articles, photos, videos, and blogs in a dynamic and personalized experience.

By customizing your settings, you can be a part of the conversation on the topics that matter most to you-from politics, business, technology, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, healthy living, and more.

Huffington Post


Hulu Plus

The Hulu Plus article provides information on account linking, device limitations, and common troubleshooting solutions:

Hulu Plus on TiVo



Read this article to learn how to link your MLB.TV account to your DVR and access every game using the TiVo remote:

MLB.TV on TiVo



Moviefone lets you view movie trailers, film clips, and videos of current and upcoming films on your TiVo device.

The Moviefone article provides app requirements and basic troubleshooting tips:




Read the Netflix support article to learn more about linking your Netflix account to your DVR and watching Netflix videos:

Netflix on TiVo DVRs


Opera TV App Store

The Opera TV App Store is an online storefront which specializes in apps that are optimized for TV. These cloud-based apps include video, music, social networking, games, and news.

The Opera TV App Store article provides app requirements and basic troubleshooting tips:

Opera TV App Store



TechCrunch is a news site focused on tech start-up companies, emerging tech trends and innovations, and other breaking tech news.

The TechCrunch article provides app requirements and basic troubleshooting tips:



Web Videos

This article contains general information about setting up and maintaining web video downloads:

Web Videos-Troubleshooting


XFINITY on Demand

This page contains information for Comcast customers who want to watch XFINITY on Demand content on their TiVo DVR. There are also links to an XFINITY on Demand troubleshooting article and to XFINITY on Demand's home page:

XFINITY On Demand for TiVo



Read the YouTube article to learn about viewing YouTube videos on your TiVo DVR, troubleshooting common issues, and using the YouTube app on your mobile device in conjunction with your DVR:

YouTube on TiVo



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