Can I Use a Universal Remote to Replace My TiVo Remote?

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There are two types of universal remotes: Pre-programmed remotes and Learning remotes. Since these universal remotes are not manufactured or supported by TiVo, we cannot make any guarantee as to the results you should expect when using them.

  • Pre-programmed remotes that come with a list of codes may or may not work with DVRs. You can check the codes supplied with your remote for TiVo compatibility.
  • Learning remotes capture IR codes from your other remotes. Learning remotes are typically more expensive than pre-programmed remotes. Some customers have reported success with getting some learning remotes to work with TiVo DVRs.

If you choose to use a universal remote, the remote must emit IR signals. TiVo DVRs are not compatible with RF (radio frequency) remotes.

Bluetooth remotes

The TiVo Slide remote is the only Bluetooth remote supported by TiVo DVRs. A universal remote with Bluetooth signaling is not compatible with the TiVo Slide remote’s USB receiver.


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