Do TiVo DVRs support satellite input?

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DIRECTV satellite customers can now purchase the TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV. This new DVR includes all the features TiVo owners know and love - intuitive searches, smart Season Passes, and WishLists - plus High Definition quality, two tuners, and a larger recording capacity.

To learn more about the TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV, click here.

NOTE: The TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV is sold and serviced by DIRECTV, not TiVo. Currently, there are no retail high-definition TiVo DVRs that are compatible with satellite service.

In addition, TiVo Series2 and Series1 DVRs are compatible with any satellite service. Simply connect your existing satellite receiver to your DVR using a serial or IR cable to enable channel changing. These are the only TiVo boxes compatible with a satellite source.


Known Issues

  • TiVo Series2 DT DVRs have single-tuner functionality when connected to satellite
  • TiVo Series2 and Series1 DVRs may control Dish Network receivers using IR control only. If you have a Dish Network receiver that does not support IR control, the DVR will be unable to change the channel on your satellite receiver.
NOTE: We are aware of two Dish receivers that do not support IR control:

  • EchoStar 4000
  • JVC 4500




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