Digital Antenna Support

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As of June 12, 2009, all over-the-air (antenna) television signals in the United States have been broadcast exclusively in a digital format. This digital conversion does not apply to the cable industry.

Please review the information below to learn if your TiVo box is affected.

Roamio Plus/Pro and Premiere 4/XL4

Roamio Plus/Pro, Premiere 4 and XL4/Elite boxes do not support over-the-air antenna.

4-tuner Roamio, Roamio OTA, 2-tuner Premiere, and Series3

Your DVR is already capable of tuning to digital antenna channels. You can use any antenna, digital or otherwise.


If you rely on a free over-the-air television signal received through a roof-top antenna or “rabbit ears”, you will need to purchase an analog-to-digital converter box. See for details.

If you have a Series2 box with an antenna connector on the back panel you must have software version 9.3.1 or later to control a digital converter box. For a list of supported digital converter boxes, go to Which digital converter boxes for antenna are compatible with my TiVo box?

If your TiVo Series2 box becomes stuck during Guided Setup for antenna (ATSC or antenna with a cable box) at "Please Wait" or on a blank screen, please see My Series2 box is unable to finish a channel scan in Guided Setup.

If you have a Series2 Dual Tuner box or a Series2 Single Tuner box with a serial number that begins with 649 or 542, your box is not affected by the digital antenna transition. These boxes accept either cable or satellite as a programming source and do not have antenna connectors.

Make sure you have a digital antenna

Older antennas are not optimized to receive digital signals properly. Additionally, a few stations may be broadcasting in VHF (check with the station to be sure) which some antennas are not capable of receiving. You may wish to purchase one of the many new digital antennas available on the market.

Here are a few sites to help you in your research:


Digital antenna support is not available for Series1 boxes. If you are currently using a Series1 box with antenna, you will lose the ability to view over-the-air channels when they are broadcast digitally. Your box will continue to support cable, satellite, and any remaining low-power analog antenna broadcasts.


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