How to Record a Playoff Series

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To record a playoff series

  1. Create a Keyword WishList:
  2. Roamio Series and Premiere Series DVRs using HD menus

    From TiVo Central > Find TV, Movies, & Videos > WishList Searches > Create new WishList > Keyword WishList > Choose Keyword

    Premiere Series DVRs using SD menus and earlier DVRs

    From TiVo Central > Find Programs > Search Using a WishList > Create new WishList > Keyword WishList > Choose Keyword

  3. From the Choose Keyword screen enter one of the following:
    • Recording the playoff of a team: Enter the name of the team (for example, Lakers, Broncos, or Red Wings).
    • Recording the playoff of a sport: Enter the abbreviated name for the sport (for example, MLB, NBA, NFL, or NHL).

    NOTE: You may choose a specific team when choosing a keyword or a general affiliation such as MLB or NBA. For our example, we are using NBA for National Basketball Association.

  4. From the Select Category select Sports > Playoff Sports > Done creating WishList.
  5. Select View upcoming programs to make sure that your WishList is finding the programs that you want to record. Only programs airing in the next 10 days or so will show in the View Upcoming screen. Other programs that match later will be added to the WishList when they appear in the guide.
  6. Select Auto-Record WishList programs so that the programs found by your WishList will be recorded. You may want to select Options and change the Stop Recording option to add padding to the end of the game in case it runs late.

  7. NOTE: Normally, playoff information is available and can be scheduled. However, due to the late breaking nature of playoffs, you may need to set up a manual recording if program guide information is not available. For more information, go to How Do I Set Up a Manual Recording?

    For more information on WishList Searches, see Using WishList Searches.


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