Connecting two DVRs without a home network via crossover cable

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To connect two TiVo Series2 boxes using a crossover cable, the following hardware is needed:

Crossover cable

NOTE: Series2 Single Tuner boxes do not have built-in Ethernet. To connect a crossover cable, you must have a compatible wired network adapter See Which network adapters work with my TiVo box? for more information.

You will need a special Ethernet cable called a crossover cable to complete this setup. Crossover cables are available at most electronic stores and will have "crossover" clearly printed on the packaging and on the cables themselves. If longer cabling is needed, do not use more than one crossover cable.

Before you begin, make sure the following requirements are met:

  • All TiVo boxes must also be running software version 9.1 or later. To learn more, go to TiVo software version information.
  • All TiVo boxes must be on the same TiVo billing account.
  • All TiVo boxes must have an active TiVo service plan.
  • Transfers must be enabled in on each box prior to disconnecting them from the network.

To connect two TiVo boxes without a home network via wired Ethernet cable:

1. If you have a USB to Ethernet adapter, connect the USB end of the Ethernet adapter to the USB port on both boxes.

2. Connect one end of the crossover cable to the Ethernet adapter of one TiVo box and the other end of the crossover cable to the Ethernet adapter of the second TiVo box.

3. The two TiVo boxes are now connected using an Ethernet adapter.

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