How to Create a Wireless Peer-to-Peer Network to Connect Two TiVo DVRs

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Connect a wireless network adapter to each DVR

  1. Connect one end of the USB cable to the USB port located on the back of the wireless USB network adapter.

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  1. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB port on the TiVo DVR.

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Create a wireless peer-to-peer network

  1. From one of the DVRs, go to TiVo Central and select Messages & Settings > Settings > Network & Phone and select one of the following:
  2. From Phone Connection > Change phone or network settings.

    From Network & Phone Settings > Network Settings.

    From Wireless Network Setup > SELECT to continue.

  3. From Network Name > Create a new network > then enter a network name (SSID) to name your peer-to-peer network. You will use this new network name to connect your network.
  4. In the Use Encryption screen, if you are using encryption, select Yes. Otherwise, select No. If you elected to use encryption, choose your encryption level and enter an alphanumeric or hexadecimal password on the screens that follow. The encryption level and password must match on all TiVo DVRs in the peer-to-peer wireless network.

  5. IMPORTANT: Only WEP encryption is supported for peer-to-peer connections. WPA encryption is not supported for this type of connection between DVRs.

  6. Select Wireless Channel, select a channel between 1 and 11. The channel chosen must match on all DVRs in the peer-to-peer wireless network.

  7. NOTE: Wireless networks can broadcast on different channels. If you have multiple wireless networks in the same area, placing them on different channels can improve performance. If you are uncertain about which channel to use, try channel 11.

  8. From IP Address, select Let the TiVo DVR assign itself an IP Address.

  9. NOTE: When setting up your peer-to-peer network, always allow the TiVo DVRs to obtain their own IP addresses. You may receive a message that the TiVo DVR is unable to locate the gateway (router). In peer-to-peer setup this is not an issue, since the DVR will still connect to the TiVo service using a phone line.

  10. From DHCP Client ID select No.
  11. Your peer-to-peer wireless network setup is now complete.

Connect other DVR(s) to the peer-to-peer network

  1. For each additional TiVo DVR, use the network settings for the peer-to-peer network you created. Select the network ID from the list. Be sure to enter the same level of encryption, the same password, and the same channel selection as you selected previously.
  2. After each DVR is configured, verify that you can see the TiVo DVR in the Now Playing list of another DVR.

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