How to set up a wireless home network

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Set up a basic wireless home network to connect your TiVo box to a whole variety of online services, like streaming movies, photos, music, and more.

To set up a wireless home network, you need the following equipment:

  • Computer: The computer is used to install the router software and configure its settings.
  • Cable or DSL modem: The modem is supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when they install your internet service. You can lease their modem for a monthly charge, or purchase your own.
  • Router: The router connects your modem to all the devices on your home network.
    For example, someone may have one or more of these devices that can access the internet: TiVo device, home computer, laptop, or video game system.

    • The router allows all these devices to connect to one single internet connection in the same home. Most new devices can connect to a router wirelessly for greater convenience and freedom. Or you may want a wired connection, using an Ethernet cable to connect. Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) will supply a router, but most electronics stores offer a variety of routers to meet your requirements and budget.

    • The router installation CD contains the software needed to install and configure your router using your computer. You can also visit your router manufacturer online for installation instructions.

Setting up the network

The following illustration shows a simple network setup with a wireless router and a cable or DSL modem. If the TiVo box and your router are close enough, connect them using Ethernet cable. This can be faster than a wireless connection in many cases.


To set up the network:

Router setups usually require the router and computer to be connected and powered on in a certain order. Routers include step-by-step instructions that can be found on the router install CD or on the router manufacturer website.

  1. Install your router and configure the software from your home computer following the instructions on your installation CD or setup file. Or, click one of the links below to view an example of a typical router setup:

    Apple Airport

  1. After the router is completely set up, connect it to your TiVo DVR using either a wired or wireless connection, and then configure settings on the TiVo box to connect to your network. For instructions on connecting your TiVo DVR to your home network, see How to connect a TiVo device to your network.


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