How to Choose a Local Dial-In Number

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The TiVo service may be accessed through a standard telephone line and is available as a local call in most areas. In some areas, local and long distance toll charges may apply.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for any charges you may incur when using a particular access number. To verify that a local access number is available in your area, you can find the most up-to-date list of dial-in numbers using the TiVo Dial-In Numbers tool. Simply enter your area code and all of the local numbers available for your area code will be displayed. You should verify which access numbers are considered local with your local telephone service provider by checking their website or your phone book.

To change the dial-in number the DVR uses to connect to the TiVo service

  1. From TiVo Central go to Messages & Settings > Settings > Phone & Network > Change phone or network settings > Phone settings > Dial-In Number.
  2. Enter your Area Code and press Select.

  3. NOTE: If you enter a new area code, your TiVo DVR will make a brief toll-free call to download a list of local dial-in numbers.

  4. Choose a dial-in number from the list of available numbers and press Select.

Tips for keeping down costs

  • Switch to a broadband connection. If you have a high-speed internet connection in your home (typically from DSL or a cable modem), then you can connect to the TiVo service using broadband. Using a broadband connection not only eliminates the need for a phone line, but also allows you to access additional features not available when you connect using a phone line. For more on using broadband, see How to connect a Tivo DVR to your network.
  • Try a nearby area code. You may find that dial-in numbers in area codes other than your own are local calls for you. Depending on your calling plan, out-of-state calling rates may be lower than in-state rates.
  • Check your phone calling plan. Contact your telephone service provider and verify you are on the best calling plan for your needs. If your phone company does not offer a plan with free local calls, ask about other options for reducing charges for local calls. Additionally, many long distance phone carriers offer an option to prepay for calling minutes at a reduced rate. This might be an option for you.
  • Call your local telephone service provider. If you are not sure whether a dial-in number incurs toll charges for you, you can always call your local telephone service provider to ask whether a particular number is a toll-free call.

IMPORTANT: We do NOT recommend disconnecting the TiVo DVR from the phone line as a method of decreasing phone call costs. While your DVR will work without a constant phone connection, you will have to connect the phone line at least once a week in order to get program information and keep your service updated. Although calling once a week decreases the frequency of calls, it does not decrease the total amount of data the DVR needs to retrieve; instead of making short calls every 24–48 hours, the DVR will make one long call each week. If this phone call fails (because of interference on the phone line, for example), the DVR may run low on Guide data until the next phone call.


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