My DVR Does Not Power On

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Try these steps to get your DVR to power on

  1. Powercycle the DVR. For instructions, see How do I restart or powercycle the DVR? If your DVR does not power on after you powercycle, continue to Step 2.
  2. If your DVR is in Standby mode, it will appear to be without power. To exit Standby mode, press the Live TV or TiVo button on your TiVo remote.
  3. Test the wall outlet with another component or a lamp to make sure it works.
  4. If your DVR is plugged into a power surge strip, unplug it and reconnect the DVR power cord to a wall outlet.
  5. Once you have the DVR plugged into a working outlet, check the front of the DVR for activity lights. If you don't see any lights within 60 seconds, feel the back of the DVR for the fan.

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