Managing Opt-in/Opt-out settings (PTCMs, Emails, and Privacy)

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Click here for more information on the TiVo Privacy Policy, User Agreement, warranties, and other policies.

Privacy Policy

TiVo has established a robust Privacy Policy to explain how the company collects and uses information about its customers.

The TiVo Privacy Policy includes information on the choices that customers have regarding the collection and/or use of their information while using TiVo's products.

  • Cookies: If you do not want us to store or otherwise use cookies on your computer, your browser may offer tools to disable or reject cookies (though you may not be able to use some website features if you do so). To learn more about your choices with regard to third-party advertising companies participating in industry self-regulation, visit
  • Mobile apps: If you do not want us to collect location data from a TiVo mobile app, you can disable location services on your mobile device.
  • TiVo DVRs and the TiVo Mini: If you do not want us to use your viewing logs in our analytics business or share that de-identified information with third parties, you can opt out by logging into your account on or calling us at 1-877-367-8486. If you have a TiVo Series 2 or Series 3 DVR and opt out, we will not collect your viewing logs. If you have a TiVo Series 4 or newer TiVo product (such as a TiVo Mini or a TiVo Roamio or Premiere series DVR) and opt out, we will still collect your viewing logs, but will use them only to provide you with features of the TiVo service as described in this policy (for example, to suggest a particular TV show that you may enjoy).

We encourage all of our users to review the TiVo Privacy Policy in its entirety at

Pre-TiVo Central Messages (PTCMs)

Pre-TiVo Central messages appear before the TiVo Central screen when you press the TiVo button on your remote control. The TiVo service currently sends two types of messages to TiVo DVRs:

Service-related messages: These messages alert you to account-related issues (such as a past-due account or end of free service), lineup change notifications, and important service related messages. You cannot opt out of this message type.

Promotional messages: These messages alert you to special pricing available only to current TiVo subscribers and special offers from TiVo and our partners. When you opt out of PTCMs, you will no longer receive these messages.

To opt out of PTCMs, please contact TiVo Customer Support.


TiVo Emails

Whether you are a TiVo subscriber or not, you can choose to receive TiVo emails. TiVo currently sends three types of emails:

TiVo Newsletter: The newsletter gives you the latest tips, product updates, entertainment news, special offers, and more! TiVo publishes the newsletter once a month, usually toward the end of the month.

Special offers: Occasionally you will receive information on special pricing offers and other great deals from TiVo.

TiVo Surveys: TiVo randomly invites customer to help us continually improve the TiVo experience.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to any of these emails, visit If you are a TiVo subscriber and you have signed up for My Account at, enter the same email address you use to log in to My Account.

Please be aware that if you opt out of TiVo emails you will still receive emails from TiVo for essential communications such as notification of a past-due account or of a service contract that is about to end.


TiVo Text Messages

We sometimes inform customers of sales and promotions by sending text messages.

To begin receiving SMS messages from TiVo, text the word TiVo to 42054. When we receive your request, you will receive a confirmation message.

NOTE: Normal message and data rates from your carrier apply.

If you do not want to receive these messages, reply to any TiVo text message with the word STOP. When we receive that message, we will automatically opt you out and you will receive no further messages.


Showcase videos

It is not possible to opt out of Video Previews (video items in Showcases). These recordings use reserved space and do not affect the amount of available recording space on your DVR.


TiVo Gold Star Promotions

TiVo Gold Star Promotions appear at the bottom of the screen in TiVo Central, or throughout the TiVo menus with a yellow star or clapboard. You cannot opt out of TiVo Promotions.


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