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  1. Series1 / Series2 Essentials
    Choose a section from the list below: User's and Viewer's Guides Installation and Use Troubleshooting User's and Viewer's Guides Series1 User Guides for Series1 DVRs These...
    Updated: 11/17/2014
  2. Roamio and Premiere CableCARD Instructions and FAQ
    Your cable company provides the CableCARD and sends the necessary signals to make it work with your TiVo DVR. You need a CableCARD in order to view channels that require additional decryption such as...
    Updated: 01/09/2015
  3. Roamio Essentials
    Congratulations on purchasing a new Roamio Series DVR! This landing page serves as a gateway to the Roamio-specific information you can use to get your DVR set up and working. Overview Visit the...
    Updated: 10/07/2014
  4. XFINITY On Demand: Troubleshooting
    Overview TiVo and Comcast have partnered to give you the ability to access XFINITY On Demand through an application on your TiVo Roamio or Premiere. This feature is available to Comcast customers...
    Updated: 03/10/2015
  5. Which TV Sources Work With my TiVo DVR?
    Choose the DVR that you have: Roamio Series DVRs   4-Tuner Roamio Roamio OTA Roamio Plus/Pro   Cable Analog No No No Digital Yes(CableCARD...
    Updated: 10/14/2014
  6. User Guides: Roamio Series DVRs
    These electronic documents cover setup and installation for your Roamio Series DVR. If the TiVo service has been updated since your purchase, these documents also include descriptions of any new TiVo...
    Updated: 08/26/2014
  7. How to Install a Tuning Adapter for Switched Digital Video
    A tuning adapter is a small set top box that gives your CableCARD-equipped TiVo box the ability to request switched digital video (SDV) channels. Like CableCARDs, tuning adapters are part of the...
    Updated: 07/22/2014
  8. CableCARDs: Cable Company Support and Contact Info
    When you need to activate your CableCARD for use with your TiVo DVR, your cable provider might have support agents specifically trained to assist you with CableCARD setup. Click the links below to...
    Updated: 09/17/2014
  9. HTML document TiVo Tuning Adapter Wizard
    Updated: 12/03/2013
  10. Series3/HD CableCARD Instructions
    You need a CableCARD in order to view digital cable. About the size of a credit card, the CableCARD performs all of the functions that a full-size, set-top cable box does, but it fits inside your...
    Updated: 06/04/2014
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