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  1. Series1 / Series2 Essentials
    Choose a section from the list below: User's and Viewer's Guides Installation and Use Troubleshooting User's and Viewer's Guides Series1 User Guides for Series1 DVRs These...
    Updated: 11/17/2014
  2. Networking Essentials
    Welcome to Networking Central. This article contains links to all the information you need to connect your TiVo devices to your home network or to troubleshoot networking issues you are experiencing...
    Updated: 06/12/2014
  3. Roamio Essentials
    Congratulations on purchasing a new Roamio Series DVR! This landing page serves as a gateway to the Roamio-specific information you can use to get your DVR set up and working. Overview Visit the...
    Updated: 10/07/2014
  4. Roamio and Premiere CableCARD Instructions and FAQ
    Your cable company provides the CableCARD and sends the necessary signals to make it work with your TiVo DVR. You need a CableCARD in order to view channels that require additional decryption such as...
    Updated: 12/02/2014
  5. Video on Demand Essentials
    This page serves as a hub for all of the Video on Demand content you can access through your TiVo DVR. Refer to the compatibility table to see which features are available on your DVR: Video on...
    Updated: 07/08/2014
  6. How to Program a Remote to Control a TV/Stereo
    Your TiVo remote will automatically be able to change channels on your TV and display all the TiVo menus, because these functions are done through the DVR. The following sections describe how to...
    Updated: 08/19/2014
  7. Network error messages
      Verizon FiOS customers: Currently, Verizon FiOS is the only Internet service provider that gives its customers MoCA-enabled routers. If you have a MoCA-ready TiVo DVR that connects to the...
    Updated: 04/03/2014
  8. Locating Remote Control Programming Codes
    If you already tried the standard TiVo setup described in How to Program a Remote to Control a TV /Stereo and were unable to find working remote control codes, use the following procedures to search...
    Updated: 07/21/2014
  9. MoCA Networking FAQ and Troubleshooting
    A Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) network enables you to send information through the existing coaxial (coax) cable in your home. This gives you both your television programming and Internet...
    Updated: 12/02/2014
  10. How to configure network settings on your TiVo device
    Use this article to set up your TiVo DVR to connect to your home network through either an Ethernet, MoCA, or wireless connection. For information on how to set up a basic home network, see How to...
    Updated: 08/18/2014
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