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  1. Series1 / Series2 Essentials
    Choose a section from the list below: User's and Viewer's Guides Installation and Use Troubleshooting User's and Viewer's Guides Series1 User Guides for Series1 DVRs These...
    Updated: 11/17/2014
  2. Which TV Sources Work With my TiVo DVR?
    Choose the DVR that you have: Roamio Series DVRs   4-Tuner Roamio Roamio OTA Roamio Plus/Pro   Cable Analog No No No Digital Yes(CableCARD...
    Updated: 10/14/2014
  3. Troubleshooting Digital Cable Signals: Roamio Series, Premiere Series, and Series3 DVRs
    If you have a CableCARD installed in your TiVo DVR, you can view digital cable channels. Digital cable gives you a clearer, more detailed picture than analog cable, but when your digital cable signal...
    Updated: 08/15/2014
  4. How to Install a Tuning Adapter for Switched Digital Video
    A tuning adapter is a small set top box that gives your CableCARD-equipped TiVo box the ability to request switched digital video (SDV) channels. Like CableCARDs, tuning adapters are part of the...
    Updated: 07/22/2014
  5. My Cable Provider Says I Need New Equipment to View Some of my Channels
    If your cable provider sent you a notice that you will need a digital transport adapter (DTA) or cable box to continue to view certain channels, it means that some or all of your analog cable...
    Updated: 11/12/2014
  6. How do I set up my Series2 DVR with a Digital Transport Adapter?
    If your cable provider is transitioning Extended Basic channels from analog to digital format, you may be offered a Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) to allow you to view the digital versions of these...
    Updated: 09/25/2014
  7. How Switched Digital Video Impacts Me
    Switched Digital Video (SDV) is a technology that allows cable providers to expand the programming you receive by sending certain channels to customer homes only when the channels are requested. If...
    Updated: 07/18/2014
  8. Tuning Adapter Troubleshooting
    Cable providers are issuing Tuning Adapters to their CableCARD customers in locations where they have implemented switched digital video (SDV). While these adapters can be used with any...
    Updated: 01/12/2015
  9. Digital Antenna Support
    As of June 12, 2009, all over-the-air (antenna) television signals in the United States have been broadcast exclusively in a digital format. This digital conversion does not apply to the cable...
    Updated: 01/27/2015
  10. How to Set Up IR Channel Changing with a Digital Transport Adapter
    Some cable providers who are transitioning their Extended Basic lineups from analog to digital format are offering Digital Transport Adapters (DTAs) to allow their customers to view these channels...
    Updated: 10/06/2014
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