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  1. HTML document Update Your Credit Card and Contact Information Online
    Updated: 08/20/2014
  2. My Account: Online TiVo Account Management Tools
    You can use My Account to: Activate TiVo Service - Activate service on a TiVo box. Box Preferences - Name your TiVo boxes and set their sharing preferences. (The changes take effect the next time...
    Updated: 11/21/2014
  3. TiVo Payment Plans and Policies
    Click here for more information on recent changes to the TiVo Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
    Updated: 09/09/2014
  4. How to Transfer TiVo Service to a New TiVo DVR
    Updated: 10/30/2014
  5. Transferring a TiVo Device to a New Owner
    Updated: 10/30/2014
  6. Can I use the DVR without TiVo Service?
    A TiVo Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is intended for use only with a paid subscription to the TiVo service. Without the TiVo service: A TiVo DVR has extremely limited functionality and can only be...
    Updated: 09/19/2014
  7. Updated TiVo in Canada: FAQ
    Does TiVo offer its products and services in Canada? TiVo devices are available in Canada for Cogeco Cable customers. For more information, see In previous years, TiVo...
    Updated: 03/30/2015
  8. Cancelling TiVo service
    It is not possible to cancel TiVo service over the Internet. If you wish to cancel your service, you MUST CALL TiVo Customer Support at (877) 367–8486.  
    Updated: 01/12/2015
  9. TiVo in the UK
    Virgin Media Customers of Virgin Media can purchase Virgin Media TV, powered by TiVo. For further product information, please see TiVo Service Number prefix is C00. ...
    Updated: 07/17/2014
  10. What should I do if I sell or give away my DVR?
    1. Cancel your TiVo service payment plan, or transfer the service to a new DVR. For more information, see How do I transfer my TiVo Service to a new DVR? WARNING:  Canceling your TiVo service...
    Updated: 03/04/2014
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