Multi-Service Discount: No Longer Offered

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Through September 29, 2015, we offered discounted TiVo service when you had more than one TiVo DVR on the same customer account.  Some of the restrictions and eligibility requirements (Restrictions) that applied to this multi-service discount (MSD) include:

  • Maximum number of TiVo DVRs entitled to MSD: Five (5).
  • Only new TiVo service subscriptions added to your existing customer account were entitled to MSD. Therefore, your oldest TiVo service subscription always remained at full price.
  • Each TiVo DVR must have been registered to the same TiVo customer account.
  • If your full-price TiVo service subscription was cancelled or otherwise became ineligible, the oldest eligible TiVo service subscription on your TiVo customer account became your new qualifying full-price TiVo service subscription (and thus no longer received MSD).
  • For a Product Lifetime Service (PLS) subscription (now referred to as an All-In Plan) to have qualified you for the MSD, the TiVo DVR to which that PLS subscription is attached must have connected to the TiVo service within the last 180 days.

If you qualified for, and therefore were provided with MSD, then even if you are beyond any service commitment period, you are entitled to retain the MSD, as long as you meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • You continue to meet all of the Restrictions listed above.
  • You do not change one or more of your TiVo service fee payment plans (e.g., from a monthly TiVo service subscription to an annual TiVo service subscription) on the TiVo DVR unit(s) to which the MSD is associated.
  • You do not cancel your TiVo service subscription on the TiVo DVR unit(s) to which the MSD is associated (or on the TiVo DVR unit with a full-price service subscription which qualified you for MSD).
  • You do not gift (or otherwise transfer) to a third party the TiVo DVR unit(s) to which the MSD is associated.

With regard to TiVo DVR purchases, TiVo BOLT purchases, and TiVo service activations which occur from and after September 30, 2015, TiVo no longer offers any MSD by reason of your having more than one TiVo DVR and/or TiVo BOLT on the same customer account.

See also for more information.

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