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SkipMode on TiVo BOLT Series, TiVo Roamio Series, and TiVo Premiere Series

TiVo BOLT, TiVo Roamio and now, TiVo Premiere users have the ability to skip entire commercial sections with a single press of a Shortcut button. All TiVo BOLT Series Unified Entertainment Systems, TiVo Roamio Series and TiVo Premiere DVRs are SkipMode-enabled.

Now, your favorite series and videos from Netflix, Hulu, and more will skip commercials at the push of a button!

Note:  SkipMode is available only on TiVo BOLT Series, TiVo Roamio Series, and TiVo Premiere DVRs.

Note: “While we are always working to improve the service, we do not guarantee that SkipMode will be available for all shows. If you experience issues while using SkipMode, fill out this short survey. We're working hard to perfect SkipMode so you can enjoy the content you want to watch!"

Which channels and programs have SkipMode?

The SkipMode channels page at tivo.com has the latest information on which networks have SkipMode available on their shows. 

The SkipMode feature is available on the top 20 most-watched networks and more channels will be added in the future. The shows that will be SkipMode-enabled are those that appear during the most common recording hours: seven days a week, between the hours of 4:00 pm and midnight (12:30 am for late night talk shows airing on ABC, NBC, and CBS). Recorded shows with the SkipMode feature appear in your MyShows lists with a Green SKIP icon.

  • Press A for Options
  • Press B for List sorted by name
  • Press C for Recordings
  • Press D to Skip and Resume Show


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(SkipMode on TiVo Experience 4 Software Version 21.X.)

SkipMode with your TiVo VOX Remote:

Your voice can now enable TiVo’s SkipMode feature. Only with TiVo can you tell your remote to “Skip It” and you can skip entire commercial breaks. No more waiting for your recorded show to resume or fumbling to fast forward through the commercial breaks. SkipMode works with the top 20 live TV channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and more. The next time you want to skip the commercials, grab your VOX remote, press the blue button and just say so. 


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(TiVo VOX Voice Button)

Automatic SkipMode 

Prior to software version 21.9.1.V9, a user needed to press the SKIP or D button to skip commercials on SkipMode enabled shows. With Automatic SkipMode, commercials on SkipMode enabled shows will be skipped without having to press the SKIP or D button on the remote.

To change the settings, from HOME go to: 


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 User-added image

 SKIPMODE screen

SkipMode is available only on certain recorded shows and is only available after a show has aired. SkipMode-enabled shows are those that appear during the most common recording hours: seven days a week, between the hours of 4:00 pm and midnight (12:30 am for late night talk shows airing on ABC, NBC and CBS) and is available on the top 20 most watched networks with more channels being added in the future. SkipMode is not available for local news and sports. 

  • Notification on the feature will be through a PTCM and when SkipMode is used for the first time after the software release.

     User-added image

  • For SkipMode eligible content, users will see that Skip is in progress with a "Skip in progress" message on the top left. 

    User-added image

            Automatic SkipMOde with the SKIP in progress notification on the top left 

  • Automatic SkipMode will not be available on mobile devices. 

Note: If the Automatically trigger SkipMode IFTTT app is enabled, disable it prior to enabling Automatic SkipMode on the TiVo device. 


SkipMode: Use

With SkipMode, your TiVo devices know the difference between show content and commercials. You can use the Channel Up button (or the Green D) to skip to the next show section, or the Channel Down button to return to the previous section.


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You can tell which programs are SkipMode compatible by looking for the SkipMode icon

How it works

A dedicated team of TV-enthusiasts watches popular shows as they air and note where programming resumes after commercial breaks. This information is applied to the programs by the TiVo service as soon as it is available.

The actual program itself Series and the commercials remain in the recorded programming, where you can rewind and watch them at your convenience.

Things to know

  • For popular shows, our team usually has SkipMode information updated for a show within 1 hour of the show ending.
  • SkipMode only applies to recorded programs, and only to recorded programs which have been marked for commercials by our team. SkipMode can't fast-forward live television.
  • SkipMode requires you to use the remote to skip sections. The TiVo device itself does not automatically skip through the commercial breaks.
  • When you use SkipMode, the commercial breaks are being skipped. The commercial breaks have not been removed from the program. 

Submit feedback for SkipMode

If you have any issues while using SkipMode, fill out this short survey. We're working hard to perfect SkipMode so you can watch only the content you want to watch!