How to Configure Network Settings on your TiVo Device

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How to Configure Network Settings on your TiVo Device

Use this article to set up your TiVo device to connect to your home network through either an Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or MoCA connection.

Configure network settings on an active TiVo device

To change your current internet connection method or update your network settings:



1. Navigate to change network settings and select your connection type:

Devices on TiVo Experience 3 (software version: 20.x or earlier)

TiVo SeriesMenu path from TiVo Central

TiVo Roamio 
TiVo Mini

Settings & Messages > Network Settings > Change network settings
TiVo Premiere  
Settings & Messages > Settings > Network > Change network settings
Series 3 & earlierSettings & Messages > Settings > Phone & Network > Change network settings

Devices on TiVo Experience 4 (software version: 21.x)

TiVo SeriesMenu path from HOME
TiVo Roamio  
TiVo Mini

Menu > Settings > Network Settings > Change Network Settings

2. Choose the network connection type you want to use.

To connect using Ethernet, make sure the Ethernet cable is connected to the back of your DVR.

  1. Select your wireless network from Choose a network.
  2. Enter your network password followed by Done entering password.
Tip: Passwords are case sensitive. If you are unable to connect to the wireless network, make sure you are typing the correct password for the wireless network.

  • Set up as Bridge - Choose this to use your TiVo device to create a MoCA network.
  • Set up as Client - Choose this to connect to an existing MoCA network.
  1. On the MoCA Channel Settings screen, select the MoCA channel followed by Use this channel setting. Auto is the default setting.
  2. On the MoCA Encryption screen, choose the encryption settings.
  • No Encryption
  • Enter a key
Note: Encryption keys are 12 to 17 digits. If you choose to encrypt the MoCA network, you will need to enter the same encryption key on each MoCA device on your network.

Based on your TiVo device, you may will see different options. You may see "Modify" rather than "Connect" in front of the option. For example: on  your TiVo BOLT, you will just highlight the kind of connection and select it; however, if you have a TiVo Premiere on HD Menu that is connected via Ethernet, your menu options will read: 
  • Modify Ethernet settings
  • Connect using MoCA
  • Connect using TiVo wireless N adapter
  • Use this DVR to create a MoCA network
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