How to Restart or Powercycle a TiVo Device

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Restart or Powercycle a TiVo Device

How to restart your TiVo Device:

1. Follow the menu path for your TiVo Device:
Devices on TiVo Experience 3 (Software Version: 20.X)
 TiVo Series Menu path from TiVo Central
 TiVo Roamio
 TiVo Premiere
 Settings & Messages > Help > Restart Box
 Series 3 & earlier Messages & Settings > Restart or Reset System > Restart the TiVo DVR
Devices on TiVo Experience 4 (Software Version: 21.X) 
 TiVo Series Menu path from HOME
 TiVo Roamio     
 MENU > HELP > Restart Box

2. Press Thumbs Down three times and press Enter.

How to Powercycle your TiVo Device:

If you cannot restart the TiVo Device from the TiVo menus, you will need to powercycle the DVR:
1. Remove the power cord from the back of the TiVo Device.
2. Wait at least 15 seconds and then reinsert the power cord.
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