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TiVo Online

TiVo Online lets you access your compatible TiVo device to search, browse, manage, and even stream content.

With TiVo Online, you can:
• Set up and manage OnePass recordings
• Transfer recordings between compatible DVRs
• Browse categories
• View your To Do List
• View the Guide
• Stream recordings (both in-progress and complete) from your DVR to your computer:

• Full TrickPlay functionality, including pause, 30-second scan, 8-second replay, and scrubbing
• Set up "Record & Watch" sessions from the Guide.

Streaming Requirements: To stream to TiVo Online, the device you use to access TiVo Online must be on the same network as your host DVR, and the streamed content cannot be copy-protected. For more information about copy protection policies, see Copy Protection: FAQ.

TiVo Online is compatible with the following:

• TiVo EDGE Series
• TiVo BOLT Series
• TiVo Roamio Series
• TiVo Premiere Series

Note: 4-tuner Roamio and Premiere Series DVRs require the use of a TiVo Stream to stream content. Series3/HD and earlier DVRs are not supported.

OS/Browser Compatibility


Operating SystemWeb Browsers
Windows 10 
Windows 7
Windows Vista
•    Chrome 56.x and higher
•    Edge 44.x and higher
•    Firefox 54.x and higher
•    Internet Explorer 11.x and higher
Mac OS (10.x and higher)•    Chrome 56.x and higher
•    Firefox 54.x and higher
•    Safari 52.x and higher

If you try to access TiVo Online with an unsupported web browser, the message below will appear. 

You can dismiss the message and continue using TiVo Online at your own discretion. Selecting “Learn more” will take you to a screen to upgrade the browser.

Accessibility Features

In accordance with the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010, TiVo Online offers the following accessibility features:


  • Screen Reader


The Screen Reader feature provides text-to-speech (TTS) capability as you navigate menus on TiVo Online. Screen Reader is activated when the menu or text on the screen pertains to video content information (e.g., the program guide, My Shows), setup options, and configuration changes. To access Screen Reader, pull up a video to play on TiVo Online, where you will see an icon on the screen that lets you turn Screen Reader on and off.


  • Closed Captioning


Closed captioning displays the audio portion of a show as onscreen text. To access closed captioning in TiVo Online:

     1.    Pull up the video that you wish to play.
     2.    On the progress bar at the bottom of the player screen, hover over the gear icon.
     3.    From the mini menu that appears, you will be able to turn closed captioning on and off.


  • Audio Description


Audio description is the insertion of audio-narrated descriptions of a television program's key visual elements into natural pauses in the program's dialogue. When you pull up a video to play in TiVo Online, you will see a SAP icon on the screen. Click it to turn the audio description feature on and off. For more information about TiVo's accessibility features, see tivo.com/accessibility



To access TiVo Online, go to https://online.tivo.com.

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Launching the Hulu embedded video player

If this is your first visit, and your account has a compatible TiVo DVR, you will be prompted to log into TiVo Online: 

TiVo Online Sign-in Screen


WHAT TO WATCH contains personalized strips of content recommendations in a variety of categories and subcategories:

•    Just for Me (for Signed in users) or Featured (for guest users)
•    On TV today
•    Sports
•    Movies
•    TV Series
•    Kids
•    Collections
•    Box Sets

Featured Movies and TV Series on WHAT TO WATCH

The personalized menu strips display subcategories that makes it easier for you to find something great to watch! Most of the menu strips in WHAT TO WATCH are personalized.  The new update in WHAT TO WATCH page offers a snacking experience feature that shows information about the episode, series or movie when clicked on corresponding What to Watch tiles. Info page shows the following: full asset title, air date when available, genre, summary, and network, when available. It also allows you to see: (A) EPISODE INFO, (B) ALL EPISODES, (C) UPCOMING, (D) CAST, and (E) SERIES INFO where applicable. Poster on episode info has a (F) Play button which enables quick play of the content.

Featured TV Shows On Now on WHAT TO WATCH

Program Information

When you select a show, additional information about the program is displayed. You will see options that take you to more information about the show, let you watch now, record for later viewing, create a OnePass, or discover upcoming episodes.

Program Information in yellow highlight

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The GUIDE page is a channel-centric way to discover content. The main section of this page shows a scrollable view of the programs for each channel in your channel lineup. A visual panel highlights what is on Now, enabling fast discovery of content you can watch immediately.


Guide on TiVo Online

You can use GUIDE to browse 14 days’ worth of programming. You can find shows that are currently on, schedule OnePass recordings and find upcoming episodes.

View/Navigation Buttons 

At the top of the Guide is a bar with several buttons that impact the view:


  • Now—Makes the leftmost column the current time. 
  • Tonight—Makes the leftmost column 7 p.m. 
  • < hours—Moves the Guide back from current view. 
  • hours >—Moves the Guide forward from the current view. 
  • Calendar—Allows going to a specific day and time. 
  • Channel selection (dropdown)—Selects from All Channels, Channel List, or Favorite Channels as set on the DVR.
  • Search Channels—Typing in a call sign moves the Guide to that specific channel.

Show Selection 

If a show is selected within the Guide, an event panel displays additional information about the show, and several action buttons and tabs are displayed:

  • Play —Plays the content. 
  • Get This show—OnePass options are displayed.
  • Upcoming—Lists upcoming airings across all channels.
  • All Episodes—Lists of all episodes for any episodic content. 
  • Cast—Lists cast for series/movie/episode.
  • Series Info—Displays information about the series.

Display by Channel List

The Channel Type option allows you to filter content by All Channels (default), Channel List, or Favorite Channels.

GUIDE with channel options in yellow highlight

When you choose Channel List or Favorite Channels, the GUIDE is refreshed with the appropriate channel information:


All Channels displays all the available programming from the provider.
Channel List displays the programming that you are able to watch.
Favorite Channels displays your favorite channels that you set up on the TiVo DVR. 

Haven't designated any favorite channels yet? See How to Add Channels to My List of Favorites

Search channels by name or number

When you type a channel name or number into the channel search bar, the matching channels are displayed. For example, when PBS is entered in the channel search bar, all PBS channels are listed. When you choose the channel you want, the selected channel is brought to the top of the GUIDE.

GUIDE with channel search bar in yellow highlight

Display by date and time

If you want to know what will be on TV on a particular day at a particular time, the Calendar filter allows you to go to a specific date seven days before the current date or 14 days after the current date. Clicking a date and time shifts the Guide to that particular date and time, and displays the related information.

GUIDE with date and time calendar options in yellow highlight

You can hover over to see if the program is available on Live TV.

GUIDE  showing Live TV in yellow highlight

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MY SHOWS is where you can manage the recordings contained on the selected TiVo DVR on your account, as well as streaming videos added to the MY SHOWS list. Similar to the experience on the TiVo DVR, TiVo Online displays content sorted by series in folders that expand or collapse on selection. You can further sort any filter by date or name except special filters such as Paused, Suggestions and Going Away Soon.

TiVo Online with ALL SHOWS selected on MY SHOWS

The MY SHOWS screen lets you filter content based on different categories, allowing you to find what you want faster.

TV Series Folders 

TV series are sorted into folders that expand when selected. It shows Watchlist, Series Info, Upcoming and Cast information.

MY SHOWS with Folder Selected


Shows the tabs that are displayed for selecting content choices for each series. Watch Online displays all episodes for that series that are currently available for online viewing, from oldest at the top to most recent at the bottom. Pressing the Watch Now button opens another tab for link-away playback from your provider’s website. 

My Episodes, All Episodes, and Recordings tabs 

The behavior of these tabs is almost identical. Episodes are displayed in ascending order for My Episodes and All Episodes, while Recordings allows the Date and Season sort options. If there is more than one season available on that tab, a season picker is displayed. Picking one of the numbers displays the episodes for that season only.

Visual Indicators 

Assets presented in the My Shows listings provides you visual cues in order to indicate the asset’s availability, including the asset’s recording status (if applicable): 

• Recorded 
• Recorded, to be deleted within 3 days 
• Recorded, to be deleted within 24 hours 
• WishList Search or Collection recording

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You can use TiVo Online to manage your To Do List and OnePass recordings while you are away from your TiVo DVR. You can search for new shows or find your favorite ones, modify recordings or OnePass options. You can transfer recordings between TiVo devices on your account, or add streaming videos to My Shows. Any changes made on TiVo Online are immediately reflected on the DVR.

To Do List

Displays upcoming shows that will be recorded; allows cancelling a recording.

To Do List in yellow highlight

Manage To Do List 

1. Click Edit.
2. Select the checkbox next to the episodes you want to delete. The Delete button turns red.
3. Click Delete.
4. In the Cancel Recording screen, click Cancel recording to continue with the deletion. 

OnePass Manager

You can see how much storage is available on the DVR by going to MANAGE > OnePass Manager in TiVo Online.

TiVo DVR storage availability from OnePass Manager on TiVo Online

Change the priority of a OnePass

1.   To change the priority, choose a OnePass to prioritize
2.    Drag and drop it on the list to change the priority.


Choose the OnePass from the list and drag it up or down the list to change the priority

To cancel a OnePass:

1.    Choose a OnePass to cancel.
2.    After selecting the OnePass (or multiple OnePass items), click Cancel.


 OnePass Manager with the Cancel option in yellow highlight

How do I Transfer OnePass Settings from one DVR to another?

The OnePass Manager available on TiVo Online provides you the ability to transfer OnePass settings from one DVR to other DVRs on your account. 

1.    From TiVo Online, click MANAGE.
2.    From OnePass Manager, choose the TiVo DVR you will be transferring from and the DVR you will be transferring OnePass Settings to by selecting them from the drop-down menu.
3.    Choose the desired OnePass by dragging it from the left panel into the right panel, as shown in the image below.

Drag and drop the desired OnePass from the left panel into the right panel

OnePass Quick Select 

Displays a grid of popular TV shows. A OnePass is created by single clicking any of your favorite shows. All shows that currently have OnePass are pre-selected in the view. To edit your OnePass selections, go to the OnePass Manager. (It may take a few minutes for your selections to appear in My Shows, the OnePass Manager, and the To Do List.)

OnePass Quick Select in yellow highlight

Recording activity

Displays information on your favorite shows that were/were not recorded due to tuner conflict or priority.

Recording Activity in yellow highlight

Transfer Recordings 

You can transfer recordings from one DVR to another DVR on your account. The transfers are limited to recordings that are marked as copy-freely.

The following recordings cannot be transferred:

•    Recordings currently in progress
•    Recordings of programs marked as copy once or copy no more, such as those from premium networks (HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc.)

Note: This feature is disabled for accounts with no or only one TiVo device.

To transfer recordings:

1.    From TiVo Online, select MANAGE.
2.    From Transfer Recordings, select the DVR that contains the recording from the From DVR drop-down menu. Select the DVR to transfer it to from the To DVR drop-down menu.
3.    Select the recording you want to transfer.
4.    Click Transfer to begin.

Transfer Recordings from MANAGE on TiVo Online

Choose Transfer on the Transfer Recordings window to proceed with the transfer

Prior to transferring recordings, verify if there is enough space on the target DVR by checking its available space. If the target DVR is full, no recordings will be transferred, even if you complete the steps above. An error message will not appear but the recordings will not be transferred. You can also select Cancel Transfer to discontinue.

If you attempt to transfer multiple recordings without adequate storage on the target DVR, a random set will be selected by the system.

Note: If the To DVR lacks adequate storage, free-up space by deleting shows prior to transferring recordings.

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On every screen of TiVo Online, the search bar is located in the top right corner.

Search in yellow highlight (Image 1 of 2)         

Search in yellow highlight (Image 2 of 2)

As you enter information into the search bar, it provides real-time, predictive search results across Live TV, streaming and VOD Apps. You can search fields such as show title, episode title, channel name, and person name (actor, director, and so on).

The Search module is present on every page of the TiVo Portal.  As you enter information into the search bar, the TiVo Service provides real time predictive search results across linear TV and online assets. You can search not only on metadata fields including title, description, and cast and crew, but also on channel names.

Create a WishList Search

If an episode, series, or movie is not available to record, you can create a WishList Search to find and automatically record the selection when it is available.


  1. From the search results, choose the item that you want to create a WishList Search for, and click the WishList button.
  2. Click Create WishList Search to create a WishList Search, then click OK

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Launching the Hulu embedded video player 

TiVo Online provides an integrated playback experience for the Hulu embedded video player. The player supports free Hulu content that launches directly from Watch now rather than linking to Hulu's website. With the embedded Hulu player, you click Watch now only once to begin playing the show.

Mousing over the player causes playback controls to appear at the bottom of the screen. You can pause, restart, resume, or view content in full-screen mode using these controls. Stop playback by closing the overlay.  

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